I Am The Mountain


I Am The Mountain is everywhere, from bars and cafes, to
caught-in- your-brain as you try and fall asleep. Beginning
as a folk project of singer-songwriter Colton O’Reilly, the
late-night campfire soul songs that once whispered
between the pines in Kananaskis have echoed through
almost every music-friendly space in Calgary. The horn-
accented songs of I Am The Mountain are the most
pleasant and reliable in a city with a maelstrom of
eclectic indie. As the band grew into a full ensemble, the
heart-on-sleeve earnestness of their early folk songs have
morphed into luxurious still-life songs that bring bodies
together with smart drumming and scintillating sparkly
guitar work. Their signature song is “Motorcycles,” a
freewheeling number about swimming out from under
social confines and letting your loved ones stay free on
their own terms. The floating bass and fluttering horns
circle around each other, sinking back for the sing-along
chorus like a warm hug from an old friend. We’re Here for
Each Other is their mantra, so be there for them.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Alternative