Heartstrings Jewelry

Heartstrings' designer, Michelle Dall'Acqua, in her studio


Inspired by a deep connection to beauty in nature and music, Michelle Dall’Acqua is the Alberta-based designer transforming end-of-life instrument strings into eco-conscious fine jewelry. Moving far behind reuse and upcycling, Michelle’s proprietary in-house innovations transform the warm, strong, eye-catching properties of instrument string into stunning, artful, eco-luxury creations. Inviting strings from clients, partnering with world-renowned musicians, and elevating the profile of each string with precious metals and gems, Michelle transforms the feel-good practice of sustainable craftsmanship into a feel-good, luxury experience like no other.


industry role:  Retailer
genre:  N/A



PHONE:  7809013064
EMAIL:  michelle@heartstringsjewelry.ca