Goldtop is an avant folk-rock songwriting duo infused with electronics and shifting between shadowy dream-pop, crunchy distorted rock and acoustic reverie. Their sound swirls with vintage keyboards, warm tremolo guitars, drum loops and Everly-esque harmonies.

A seemingly unlikely pairing, Everett LaRoi and Alice Kos sit on rather distant ends of Edmonton’s music timeline: LaRoi had his beginnings in the early 80s with Canadian indie-pop trailblazers, Idyl Tea. He has released a self-titled solo album and co-fronts alt-roots band ManRayGun, with whom he has recorded four albums. Kos’ solo debut, You Missed It All, was released in 2012 and acclaimed as the #1 Edmonton Album of the Year ( Recorded and produced by LaRoi, the album garnered Kos a 2013 Edmonton Music Award nomination for Roots/Folk Recording of the Year.

Goldtop officially formed in late 2012 after Kos and LaRoi toured eastern Canada as a duo, sharing stages at the Blacksheep Inn (Wakefield, QC) and the Dakota Tavern (Toronto) with Lone Justice co-founder Marvin Etzioni, a Los Angeles-based songwriter/producer who also happened to inspire the duo’s name.

Goldtop is steadily building their fan base in Alberta and beyond, audiences drawing such comparisons as Beach House and Low.

Goldtop’s debut release, You Possess Me, will be out in July 2017 on Spicy Tomato Music.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Folk