Moses Seriki (a.k.a Goldmarkist )is the CEO of Goldmarkist Rhythm (G’s R) which is an exciting platform for Christian music. G’s R vision is to create, manage & promote music that its messages will stimulate Christian discussions now and in the next 300 years.

Moses was Born in Lagos, Nigeria, He moved to Calgary, Alberta in 2010. Before his move from West Africa, Moses found his musical voice singing for different gospel groups, bands and choirs. Goldmarkist developed a distinctive voice influenced by the sounds of gospel, jazz, soul and R’n’B. While growing up in a musically inclined environment, Goldmarkist self-tutored himself on how to play the drums, sing and write music.

Goldmarkist currently has four gospel singles on most leading online streaming platforms with his latest single released on the 5th of February, titled “Seasons”


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Singer/Songwriter