Ger Carriere


Ger Carriere is a versatile vocalist, songwriter and performer bringing into her music influences like Billie Holiday , Prince , and Tina Turner . Her energy, talent and storytelling ability have made her a favorite within the Edmonton music scene.

Ger’s original song ‘Undeservingly’ was the 2018 winner of the Telus Storyhive Competition . In 2019, she was awarded an Esqoua Award in Performing Arts. She’s performed for the Sister to Sister: Spotlight , YEG Exposed Features and the Afro Sukisa , Diaspora Festival . Her debut EP Ger Carriere was released February 14, 2020.

A nominee for the 2023 “The Buffy’s” Wood Buffalo Excellence in Arts Awards . She toured across the United States as a vocalist, actress and dancer in, Bear Grease: the Musical.

Ger’s sound is both mesmerizing and grounding infused with stripped down hint of blues and a jazz flare. Her unique rauque sound is sure to entertain and take each listener on a vocal journey.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Pop