Frank Peters


Hello I’ve been writing off and on since ’73. One of the first pieces of advise that was given to me was, “write about what you know!” Life would have been so much simpler if I’d just understood that you didn’t have to actually, physically test everything just to write a song. But on the plus side, I wouldn’t trade anything for some of the experiences, especially; ranching in the Chilcoten, heavy equipment operating & trucking. A lot of those memories and stories are written into my songs; from the cowboy in the cabin to a truckload of horses killed on a winding mountain pass.

I write: folk, roots, western, bluegrass, old time country, country and some unclassified songs. I even have one c-rap song (stands for Country Rap) but it sure fits the acronym.

I played rhythm guitar and sang in an old time country band for a few years and still get out to play the odd dance.

A few of my songs were co-written with a buddy when we were both in a similar state of wondering, “what in the hell does she want now?” If Allison is reading this, my apologies. There just aren’t a lot of nice, appropriate words that rhyme with louse! (She Loves Vince – © 1999 Frank Peters & John Gorham SOCAN)


(walls hearts & heroes) by Leslie Schatz; Girl Gone Wild– © 1990 Frank Peters & John Gorham SOCAN

(John Henry’s charming Billy) by John Henry; Play the Harp– © 1999 Frank Peters & John Gorham SOCAN

(Fifty Miles from Nowhere) by myself Frank Peters all songs – © 2018 Franis Peters SOCAN Take care and stay out of the news,


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Country



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