Happy, also known as ‘fONZ.’ is a singer/songwriter, lyricist, multi-instrumental producer, and author who enjoys mountaineering in the Treaty 7 Territory of the Rockies. His music has a basis in spirituality, and has primarily been in alternative, folk, and hip-hop genres, with a strong focus in auto-writing.

Happy took music, dance, and acting lessons as a youth, appearing in commercials, as an extra on TV, and even performed in Disney Land. He started playing piano at age 3, and also started skiing in the same year.

Originally a ‘Song on the Spot with fonzdot’ section of a YouTube channel, playing the odd show in Calgary, and receiving Honorable Mention at a LME performance, fonzdot has turned into something more with the death of The Happy Alfano Show.

As a huge advocate for volunteering, and promoting positive mental health through outdoor exercise, fonzdot used his debut -off the top- release, ‘Hike On – A Freestyle EP’, to promote a hiking fundraiser for the Canadian Mental Health Association which raised $10,560.

In recent years fonzdot has been focusing on personal growth while alpine climbing in the Canadian Rockies and publishing fictional spiritual books. He maintained a presence in the music scene by making it into Alchemy Studios for a few hours while living in a tent to do Breathe Trees, dropping hip-hop singles, and the occasional ‘song on the spot’.

WCMA ’22 Spiritual Artist of the Year Nominee.

More music on the way.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Religious