FlatBroke is a musical performing duo with a blend of great vocal harmonies and unique musical abilities. We play a mix of classic rock and roll, modern and classic country favourites, and original music.

Hailing from Fredericton New Brunswick, Shawn Saunders started doing sound for bands and recording with local bands on Community TV while in high school. The thoughts of playing bass kept popping into his head so he purchased that first bass guitar at age 37. Dedicated to learning the bass and being in a band like his uncle, he learned the basics quickly and started using his vocal abilities as well. Shawn eventually joined a band that became FlatBroke and later Flat Broke II. After moving to Alberta in 2006, Shawn played with the Muskeg River Band, Emo Leblanc, Paul Lepage, and joined forces with Bonni to create the current version of FlatBroke. Shawn’s influences include The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, RUSH, Captain Morgan and Brad Paisley.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Country