Fate Will Come


”Creating Hard Rock Songs On Both Sides of the Border”
They are a US/Canada Collaboration
Inspired by the Hard Rock sounds of the 80’s Fist Album Fate Will Come Released April1 2022
single ” The Cost” Played Late Feb 2022 ,NCRA Collage Radio across Canada.
first single “Charger” from their debut EP “Heavy Heart” March 2021
in a World Radio Campaign late March 2021 and are Charting #12 on top #100 Euro Indie Music Charts and are Charting on Digital Radio Tracker#49 Top 100, World Indie Music Charts .

Fate Will Come is a Metal Band. When I say metal I mean the real thing. It’s old school
heavy metal tipping its hat to the legends like Dio, Metallica, and Megadeth. The hard, heavy,
raw, and audacious single, “Charger” kicks ass top to bottom. This reminds me of the
classics that you would gather around to blast with your friends. “Charger” has the old
school vibe of when metal was on vinyl… and honestly that’s the best way to listen to real
metal! IndieStrong , Feb19 2021

If Janis Joplin, Lemmy and Zakk Wylde put a
band together, they’d compare in sound to Fate
Will Come. This long distance lineup continues
growing together with each release. ROCK LIVES!
Matt Chase SongMight ,Dec 2020


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Rock