Exit Division



Lion-like in its ferocity, Exit Division is a four-piece alt-rock band hailing from Calgary, Alberta. With its DNA rooted in post-grunge, Exit Division’s sound is known for its intense guitar riffs, in-your-face drum grooves, elaborate basslines, and haunting vocals reminiscent of early 90’s Seattle. Their philosophical lyrics lead listeners into the innermost crevices of the human experience, prompting a subtle and clever ambiguity well surpassing their youth.

Drawing on combined influences: Alice in Chains, Arctic Monkeys, Deftones, and Queens of the Stone Age, their first album Psychosis takes you on a journey across genre, time, and tempo, with powerful enigmatic storytelling that leaves you wanting more. From the stage, Exit Division will awaken a wild swarm of havoc with delicate precision, captivating you until the very last note.

Madison Lee (she/her) / Vocals, Keys
Mason Remmer (he/him) / Lead Guitar
Ben Wealleans (he/him) / Bass
Taylor Miles (he/him) / Drums, Percussion

For press/booking inquiries: exitdivision@gmail.com
One-sheet available upon request


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Alternative