Eric Jessee


Being interested in music at a young age and also being technically inclined, Eric Jessee has been writing and recording his own music ever since he was 15.
His technical inclination in that regard led him to pursue a career in audio engineering. As his career progressed, he began to lose touch with his creative self and question his value as an artist.
He eventually came to the realization that his lack of satisfaction with life was a result of this. From that point forward, he began to take his artistic pursuit seriously.
He now uses his strong audio engineering skills and experience working in the music industry to his advantage.
His music ranges in style from Folk to Post-Rock to Indie to Spoken Word, being drawn from a wide variety of influences. Over the years he has developed a stream of consciousness based lyrical approach that is true to his inner thoughts and feelings, and reflects his sincerity as a person.
Being now able to give his creativity the weight and value it deserves, he continues to grow and develop his style as he pursues a career as an artist.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Folk