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There’s a reason people in the industry say, “sounds like words were just thrown onto the page”. They often are. There’s also a reason people start browsing on their phones in the middle of your show. Ouch. We can be so much better than we realize, surpassing even our own expectations! Enter Empress Lyric Consulting’s Salem Jones. Salem has spent a lifetime as a performer, lyricist, songwriter, writer and recording artist, and though she has an abiding passion for rock music, she has worked with many different genres. Her work has been repeatedly praised by successful writers, producers, broadcasters, publicists and performers, and she has become the de facto performance coach in every project she has been involved with. Her knowledge is based on having seriously walked the walk. In 2016 some of that knowledge went into a book she wrote called The Book of The Lyricist: Lyrics as a Way In and a Way Out, slated for release in 2017. If you’re a songwriter, or a recording or performing artist interested in consistently achieving the highest standard, contact her at Empress Lyric Consulting where she’s available for assessment, and training: consult@empresslyricconsulting.com. If you want to take your live performance chops to a whole new level reach her through: info@empressperformance.com


industry role:  Consultant
genre:  Pop



PHONE:  780-757-1328
EMAIL:  consult@empresslyricconsulting.com