Dunmore Park


Dunmore Park is the stage and artistic alias of Andrew Williams: a DJ, producer, and visual artist currently based in Toronto (but roots in Western Canada and the UK).

Williams’ sound is a collage of influences: taking dusty samples, deep grooves, Latin percussion, and mingling them with modern house music. His productions have found support from a myriad of international labels such as Music is 4 Lovers (US), Supremus (UK), Touch of Class (USA), CosmoVision (CAN), Baikal Nomads (RUS), Copycow (Germany/India), TTOMH (USA), Substation (CAN) and more.

As a DJ, he’s spent the last 18 years, moving dance floors from Vancouver to Amsterdam with his signature head-bob and energetic approach to DJing. As an experienced opener, he’s spent many years setting the perfect mood for international artists like Bonobo, Soul Clap, Jimpster, Elke Klein, Nick Monaco, Jesse Rose, Sabo, KMLN, Jesse Bru, Dane, Justin Martin, and many more. As a touring act, he’s had the chance to play festivals like ADE (Amsterdam), Bass Coast Festival (BC), AEMCON (Calgary) Astral Harvest (AB), MEMETIC (Winnipeg), Motion Notion (BC), Disco In the Park (AB), Public Disco (Vancouver), Downtown Defrost (Edmonton), Odyssey Festival (AB), and many more.

As a music educator, he is responsible for a music production school, the Night Vision Music Academy, and Western Canada’s leading professional development conference for producers and DJs: the Alberta Electronic Music Conference.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Electronic