DJ Hannah


World disco, searing techno and explosive voguing tracks are some of the flavours you can expect from DJ Hannah, one of Calgary’s most versatile selectors. DJ Hannah’s zeal for eclecticism was the product of a Montreal upbringing and an unending curiosity with the hidden gems of music history. Her earliest sets at house parties around Calgary were coloured with the authenticity of an old soul, drawing the attention of the community at large. Following her 2017 club debut she continued generating forward momentum, moving into the role of promoter and show runner with DIY pop-ups and branded club events. In 2020 Hannah launched the show “Neon Window” on CJSW 90.9 FM examining the history of genres that gave birth to contemporary electronic music like jazz, soul, and funk. She is also a member of the future-soul band Slo-Fi.
DJ Hannah’s ability to captivate audiences across diverse mediums has upended the tech bro monotony and made DJ Hannah synonymous with memorable nights.


industry role:  Artist/Band
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