An upcoming international singer/producer from Canada, Danu5ik” (pronounced Danusik) is quickly becoming one of the music industry’s most versatile and sought after talents.

Proud to be a true and committed artist in the music world, Danu5ik is a gifted musician, writer, DJ, producer, and performer. his music embodies dynamic beats, hypnotic vocals, and an overall infectious nature that captivates his audience.

Danu5ik is following up the success of “From Sea to Kanata” and “Elysian” with his new album “Day Light/Dark Night”. The single “Morning Light” definitely continues Danu5ik’s entrancing style, inspiring lyrics and infectious dance beats. “Morning Light” was composed and produced by Danu5ik.

Danu5ik has quite a story to tell. He began his career performing with electronic and rock bands, as well as with a number of international artists. It wasn’t until 2014 that Danu5ik decided to pursue a solo career, in conjunction with the establishment of his own self-titled record label. Proving to be a success, Danu5ik’s solo career has given his the opportunity to work with internationally respected musicians.

Danu5ik was nominated to perform and compete at the prestigious “Hard Rock Rising” at the beginning of 2015 at Toronto Canada, in a battle of the bands against some of the best artists in the country voted by fans of each genre, however due to time constraints was not able to make it..

More recently, Danu5ik performs at various locations globally and he has compiled an outstanding collection of original songs that continue to allure audiences with his intoxicating style.

His new album “Day Light/Dark Night” and his singles “Afraid of My Heart”, “Run Away”, “Myra”, “Night Dreaming” and “Morning Light” from that album are expected to be big hits and only the beginning for skyward success for this multi-talented artist.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Electronic



PHONE:  +448001123347
EMAIL:  bookings@danu5ik.com