Danny Coady


Danny Coady was born and raised in Montreal Quebec.
Spending most of his career in music in Alberta, Danny is well
known for being a professional singer/songwriter. Danny started
his career professionally with Banks Associated Music in
Edmonton Alberta and was put to work by Ida Banks
immediately after seeing him live in action.
Danny has always enjoyed working with music live off the floor.
One day he realized he hadn’t put together a body of work until
Front to Back.
Experiencing life from Danny’s eyes such as relationships,
religions, and personal growth, Danny knew it was time for
himself to record his past and bring his listeners with him to the
present, to the Front.
By listening to this body of work, you will feel the Crystal Clear Intention he has put forth.
The next album is entitled “Now That You’re All Caught Up”, we can
walk together with this Singer/Songwriter and see the future
Danny Coady through his eyes.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Rock



PHONE:  7809095160
EMAIL:  coadyentertainment@gmail.com