Dan Gillies


Dan Gillies is a Guitarist, Multi-Instrumentalist, Producer & Guitar Instructor in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

Working primarily as a freelance musician for over a decade, Dan Gillies has a musical resume of diverse proportions. Similar to Clark Kent/Superman, Dan manages to wear several identities within the industry: performing, recording, collaborating, producing, writing and instructing. With a background in jazz, one can find him gigging with jazz groups at “classy” events and with alluring archtops! As a country guitar aficionado, he can be caught onstage at country music events with a killer band! As a collaborator, Dan works with artists and clients to achieve their musical visions.

A few highlights…

Dan produced the theme song “Alive” for the 2015 Western Canada Summer Games.

As an author, Dan contributes Guitar Columns/Reviews for Canadian Musician Magazine.

Dan is a sought after Instructor with tremendous experience teaching private lessons and running workshops, camps, recitals, and build­ing curriculum. He was employed by the Keyano College Conservatory as a Gui­tar Instruc­tor, and now runs his personal ‘Guitar Studio’ from their Theatre and Arts Centre.

Dan holds a Diploma from Grant MacE­wan Uni­ver­sity in Music Per­for­mance, with a Major­ in Jazz and Contemporary Music; as well as a Music Diploma from Keyano Col­lege, with a Major­ in Clas­si­cal and Jazz Guitar.


industry role:  Musician (for hire)
genre:  Country