Chad L.E McGhie


Diverse. Lyrical. Genuine.

The words ring hollow for too many hip hop musicians in the spotlight. Chad ‘Limited Edition’ McGhie, sometimes referred to as simply ‘L.E’, aims to counter a shallow market with music that is not only interesting, catchy, and stereo worthy, but as well as thought provoking, meaningful, and memorable.

Having origins as a writer, Chad ‘L.E’ McGhie’s promises a robust sound that captivates audiences, recorded and live alike. Sharp delivery, intricate imagery, and vast vocabulary attract the ears of the truest hip hop fans, as well as a diverse crowd of new fans who have their eyes opened to what hip hop and rap can be.

While the hip hop market is seemingly jam packed with talented emcees, Chad’s origins from the desolate and heavily exploited rural Alberta, Canada give him a unique voice and perspective that is a privilege to enjoy. Coupling elite lyricism with high quality melody, drums, and engineering, Chad ‘L.E’ McGhie’s music pleases audiences looking for a thought out sound that is still a lot of fun to listen to.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Hip Hop/Rap