Café Rosé (aka Ben Rose)


Cafe’Café Rosé is the musical lovechild of Ben Rose and all the beautiful musicians in Cowtown and around the world he has the pleasure of collaborating with.

Born in the time of covid, Café Rosé is not quite a band yet but if we have to pick a genre (do we have to?) we call it “Country/Soul/Rock&Roll”. If we’re only allowed one we say “Soul”. When live music comes back Café Rosé will have an 8 piece line-up (with horn section and backup singers) featuring many of the players from long standing “Ben Rose and The World’s Best Wedding Band” which has been playing clubs, parties, Bar mitzvahs and of course weddings in Calgary and throughout Western Canada for over 10 years. But Ben will always enjoy picking up whatever instrument is handy and singing a stripped down duet with his dad Chuck Rose, his frequent songwriting partner Dara Schindelka, his favourite sax player Brian Johnstone or upcoming ingenue Sydney Zadravec (Peter and the Wolves, The Torchettes, Tom Phillips).


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  R&B/soul



PHONE:  4032629144