Brenda Dirk


Singer, songwriter, producer, and businesswoman – Brenda Dirk is striving to show representation for females in the Music Industry. She has been perfecting and developing her craft, traveling to places all around the world, attending events like Canada’s Music Incubator, Neverland Retreats and Durango Song Expo just to name a few… She is focused on expanding her network and finding high level executives to mentor under. If you had to place Brenda in a specific genre you could label her as Pop-Country. She loves spending countless hours in her studio learning the ropes of production and perfecting her craft. Her latest single was co-written and produced by Adam McInnis and Grammy Award Winning, Platinum Music Producer Mario Marchetti who produced Demi Levato’s “Neon Lights”. Keep an eye out for Brenda as she is silently making huge waves in the industry as a proud Independent Artist.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Singer/Songwriter