Ben Lahring


From his formative years spent in tropical northern Australia to a globe-spanning music career, Ben Lahring has established himself as a captivating performer with “absolutely beautiful” interpretations (Liona Boyd) and a “gift of playing the intention behind the music” (William Beauvais, composer).

Lahring has always been bold in his musical explorations, with engagements ranging from a year-long solo-guitar performance residency in Sydney, Australia, to touring with choirs, rock bands and soul singers. He was a regular fixture in the New York City guitar scene for several years, where he released his first album of solo guitar music, praised for displaying “a natural feel for the music” (This is Classical Guitar).

Lahring’s latest album, Driftwood, has been reviewed to high acclaim as “a work of originality and shimmering beauty” (Vivascene) and “one of the most singularly beautiful guitar recitals” (Fanfare Magazine). He completed his graduate studies as a scholarship student at the University of Calgary and his solo concerts always include meaningful original compositions in addition to musical gems from Australia, Canada and other places he’s lived and traveled.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Classical