Barnaby Bennett


Barnaby Bennett is a producer and musician from Calgary, Alberta whose back catalogue is an eclectic mix of footwork, ambient/experimental, electronic pop & psychedelic music. Barnaby works professionally as a tour manager and booking agent, and also manages a number of artists.

In 2017, he had guest mixes on the Teklife RBMA radio show, Tiny Mix Tapes & NTS Radio. He also co-curates a monthly left-field bass music residency at Habitat Living Sound with acclaimed Drum and Bass producer Sinistarr, and recently hosted a panel on Vaporwave Aesthetics in the electronic music industry at the National Music Centre during the Alberta Electronic Music Conference in November 2017. His ambient synthesizer duo “SH-2000” have an hour-long, 15-channel sound installation entitled 11:13 (Hypnagogia) up at Arts Commons in Calgary from January 11th – February 28th 2018.

Barnaby is working on finishing a work-in-progress, electronic pop album entitled ‘MAPL SYRUP’ during the 2018 Banff Winter Music Residency.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Avant-Garde