Andrea Shipka


Andrea Shipka’s passion for music began as a love for art and a need to pay bills. Over time, this love transformed into a full-blown obsession with every aspect of the music industry. With a five-year degree in Recording and Production, which she completed in 2021, Andrea has honed her skills and developed into a versatile musical artist. She has several musical projects under different genres, including Neo-Classical music as alter ego Caelin Rivers, Cinematic Pop as mightberea, and Indie Pop as a member of Cypress. In her day-to-day, Andrea runs Little Symphony Records, a Neo-Classical record label, with her friends and co-owners David Shoults and Brandon Cathcart. In addition, she works in live settings as a production representative, photographer, technician, and educator. Her skills also extend to graphic design, photography, production, mixing, and mastering engineering, which she offers as a freelance service.


industry role:  Industry
genre:  Other



PHONE:  7809102901