Amy Hef


Splitting her time between Alberta and LA since 2007 and finding successes along the way as an honor student at Musicians Institute (Hollywood, CA) 90.3 AMP Radio’s Rock Star, a Breakout Artist, winning YYC Music Awards 2017 – Female Artist of the year and George Stroumboulopoulos included her in his list of Top 3 Buzz Bands.

Life wasn’t always lived this ‘out loud’ for the now singer/songwriter/recording artist. The youngest of five kids growing up in northern Alberta she barely spoke a word before the age of 11. She had four other siblings who did all the talking for her. Her pre-school teacher hilariously thought she was deaf because she never responded to any of her questions – Amy didn’t realize she was supposed to.

Being a bit (understatement) on the chubby side as a kid with little or no confidence she stumbled on No Doubt and Gwen Stefani and their video “Just a Girl” – and everything changed in that moment. Amy knew who and what she wanted to be. She took up the drums, which lead to the guitar and songwriting. That’s how Amy found her voice and a way to connect with the world.

Shedding the weight and finding her music and her voice meant saying goodbye to all those childhood insecurities. This deep love affair with music coupled with her respect for all those who have gone before and those who continue to build her ever-expanding musical knowledge have brought her to this point.

With Amy’s natural talent, compassion and sense of humor, this multifaceted artist brings a truly unique, energized and interesting vibe to everything she does. There is a fun, fresh, bright, kind, insightful perspective in every song and every live show. The days of being the extreme introvert are over. Amy found a strong and powerful voice through music – and she’s never looked back.

Amy is working and creating again in the studio in LA, Canada and Sweden.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Pop