It’s getting pretty common to hear “Rock n’ Roll is dead”, but in Northern Alberta there lies a band called Alleviate who proves that saying is nothing but untrue. After their shows it’s not unusual to hear comments about Alleviate helping rebirth Rock and Roll. Their fans appreciate their memorable sound and powerful lyrics. Since their inception the band had been focused on working hard and having fun, whether you are talking with the band or attending a live show it becomes clear that this is what they strive for. A signature sound with a blend of both electric and acoustic guitars and a combination of lyrics that range from portraying the harsh realities of life to learning to love and grow are key to what draws crowds to Alleviate. Their live shows make it clear that they’re not only giving it all they got but also walk on and off the stage as great friends. A combination of, energetic and heavy hitter Aaron Passek, Chris Weihmann’s complimentary and thunderous bass playing, the hypnotizing and intimate playing style of Matt Mackenzie and Chad Plamondon’s strong and fiery vocals and lead work is what creates Alleviate’s unique and memorable sound. The band has many influences from every genre of the past 50 years, but their roots are Rock and Roll, and their music conveys not only the ferocity of classic rock but also brings a new twist that pulls in fans of all ages and genres. One thing is certain is Alleviate prove every time they hit the stage that Rock and Roll is not only alive and breathing but coming off the rails with intensity and power. Alleviate’s drive to maintain the authenticity of ‘real’ Rock and Roll with honest lyrics and powerful music is what separates them from the rest. They believe that this mentality has shaped Rock and Roll into what we know and love and are so excited to be a part of today’s Rock and Roll scene.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Rock