Adrienne Levay


Adrienne Levay has lived across Canada— from Newfoundland to Vancouver. Now based in Vermillion, Alberta, her love of music began with open mic nights and band gigs in high school. Seeing the powerful women and imagery of Lilith Fair on CBC was a huge inspiration.

Adrienne’s sound is a soothing fusion of folk and rootsy melodies. Her soft, raw voice creates intimacy and emotional depth, accompanied by acoustic instruments. Influences include Norah Jones and Ben Harper, as she reflects on love and loss.

Achievements include opening for Holly McNarland and David Usher in Banff, AB, and clinching 2nd place in a singer-songwriter competition at the Banff Centre.

Currently, she’s writing music, playing intimate gigs at small outdoor festivals and cafes, and experimenting with at-home recording


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Folk



PHONE:  4037006148