Adam Ambrose


I am an independent pop singer-songwriter that has been writing music for several years, and releasing music since early 2018. Within the last couple of years I have been a finalist in the local Ship & Anchor song writing contest twice, and was also nominated for a YYC Music Award. In January 2019 I released my first ever EP, ‘Little Green Cabins’, which featured a track called “Relax”. Upon release, “Relax” was picked up by several of Spotify’s “New Music Friday” playlists, including the global one which helped it to receive over 100,000 streams in its first week alone. This EP release also helped me to be featured on Global News, as well as on a local news site, LiveWire. Around the same time, my songs “The Good in You” and “Grateful” also were featured on CBC Radio 1. Since that release, I’ve been working on writing a full-length album, which I hope can be as successful, if not more.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Pop