A. Trozzo


A. Trozzo writes garage rock/power pop/something else from his bedroom office in Lethbridge, AB. Hungry for snacks, gear-obsessed, dressed in plaid and sweats, he labors over licks, structure, lyrics, in-jokes, and a menagerie of other weird details that most artists wouldn’t care about. His songs are tight units, offering immediate melodic counterpoints. Sometimes, they tow a line through a lake of riffs, vocal melodies, major and minor chords—blending them in unexpected ways, and always adhering to the formula that every song should have a moment that no one expected.
His band, consisting of some of his oldest friends from the Lethbridge scene, rehearses weekly in a tripped-out basement of a long-gone Bobcat skid-steer dealership on the Northside of Lethbridge. The dry funk of weed plants growing in the back, stale incense, and dried-up liquor offer a bouquet of comfort, bringing the olfactory backdrop to another evening of executing the creative process.
While A.T. currently writes and records the material himself, the band bellows wild live energy deep into the coals of the effort, turning the live show into a cozy, sweaty, loud, tight-knit experience.
Over the last ten years, A.T. has bookmarked a few great moments in music such as slinging bass in early forms of Ghost Woman, covering backup synth duties with Shaela Miller, and maintaining his ongoing seasonal money-grab “Christmas 1965”, a Ventures’ Xmas surf cover band.
He’s put out a couple of short, solid releases (Burger Songs E.P., Brick Shithouse E.P.), and Feb 08, 2024, sees the release of the Big Cat E.P. – six of the best songs he’s ever written and released.
The look and feel of the band is different these days. Kind of like a cat – soft and fluffy, but with razor teeth and claws. It moves slower and more intentionally, with keen eyes watching for the right opportunity to pounce on a new song, show, or Stoned Wheat Thin smattered in peanut butter. Big fun, Big Cat.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Rock