We invite you to discover A.B.O, an independent Indigenous ensemble, and a sonic treasure hailing from Fort McKay First Nation in Alberta, Canada. This talented quartet, comprising Beverley “BubbiinzBaybee” McKenzie, Blair Faichney “Bizzy Blanqz”, Felix Faichney “Felo Barney Gumble”, and Chris Grandjambe “Curly G”

The name A.B.O encapsulates the essence of the group; ‘AB’ representing their Albertan roots, coupled with ‘O’ for Originalz, denoting their commitment to original content. Additionally, ‘AB-original’ is a nod to their Aboriginal heritage. These artists have honed their craft since adolescence, with BubbiinzBaybee, Bizzy Blanqz, and Curly G commencing their recording and performing journey at the tender age of 14, and Felo Barney Gumble joining them with a decade of experience.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Hip Hop/Rap