Looking to gain more insight on topics relating to your career? Book a one on one mentorship session with industry veterans Elise Roller or Claire Boning from Misfit Music Management. With years of experience working with artists Elise and Claire offer a wealth of knowledge on a variety of topics including building your team, release strategies, export development, conferences and much more.  

Claire “Bonesy” Boning, COO / CFO / Artist Manager + Consultant

Claire is a recent addition to the Misfit Music Inc. team based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, taking on a role as an artist manager and consultant. Claire has been a touring and recording artist for the past twelve years and has worked in the industry as the Membership and Events Coordinator for the past six at Manitoba Music. She has worked with a variety of artists and professionals, consulting, providing showcase support, and building and executing multiple career development programs. Passionate about travelling, her career has allowed her to take part in conferences and festivals in the USA, UK, and across the country, representing and building valuable connections for artists. Through her work, she has contributed to the growth of many Manitoban and Western Canadian artists in global markets and proudly champions their creative and ever-thriving music communities. Claire is excited to continue working with artists from the western provinces by creating new connections, helping them reach their full potential and developing their careers in meaningful, impactful and sustainable ways.

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Elise Roller, CEO + Artist Manager, Misfit Music MGMT

Raised in Calgary for most of her life, Elise Roller, is the founder and CEO of Misfit Music MGMT, an artist development and management company based in Winnipeg. In 2023, she was recognized as the Women in Music Canada Entrepreneur of the Year in addition to receiving other awards and nominations for her strength as a music community leader. The Misfit management roster boasts talent such as Leonard Sumner, Sierra Noble, and Super Duty Tough Work while the innovative Artist Evolution program serves dedicated artists seeking comprehensive team support. This initiative provides holistic mentorship, strategic planning, and empowers music creators with the confidence, skills, and tools necessary to manage their own careers. Roller has been actively involved in the global music scene since 2008 experiencing many roles as a singer/songwriter, member of touring bands, tour manager, stage manager, talent buyer at Pride Winnipeg, and as the Industry Development Coordinator at Manitoba Music. She’s a social butterfly, master networker, and has an innate ability to connect with anyone and everyone. Her drive for excellence along with her passion to motivate, inspire, and show appreciation for music creators has positioned her as a beloved leader and mentor within the global music community.

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