Alberta Music Artists at Folk Alliance International 2018 Conference

Alberta Music will be on location at the Folk Alliance International 2018 Conference in Kansas City! You can find us at The BreakOut West Showcase Room, Governor’s Suite 569, at The Westin Crown Center Hotel. Enjoy feature performances from artists from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

Performers will include the following Alberta Music artists:

Amelie Patterson:

Hailing from Banff, Alberta, and serving as the town’s first Poet Laureate, Amelie Patterson leads as a strong ambassador for women songwriters. The clear-voiced, honest and tenacious troubadour’s music traverses territories from blues to folk rock. Her debut album Roll Honey Roll was released in May 2016 at Canadian Music Week, and went on to win YYC Alternative Recording of The Year in 2017. She is releasing her newest recording project in the spring of 2018.

Thursday February 15 1:30 am         Governor’s Suite 569


Ariane Mahrÿke Lemire:

The exploratory and adventurous music of Ariane Mahrÿke Lemire is an organised chaos.  Her vivid lyrics and melodies create folk-poetry with notes of rock, beatnik and at times a little country. Through an authentic stage presence, light anecdotes, and intimate avowals, she invites audiences to journey between laughter and sighs.

Friday February 16 12:00 am         Governor’s Suite 569

Saturday February 17 7:00 pm         Brookside


Celeigh Cardinal:

A Celeigh Cardinal performance is a profound, soulful triumph of biographical songs that blend roots, folk, rock and pop. This Metis singer/songwriter is fresh from an international tour and a multi award-winning year. Celeigh is known for drawing emotional response with her deliberate words and rich, passionate, contralto voice.

Thursday February 15 6:45 pm           Garden Terrace

Saturday February 16 11:30 am         Governor’s Suite 569


Jay Gilday:

At once elemental and unearthly, Jay Gilday’s voice is a raw and gorgeous siren of the Canadian north. Jay threads together the colours of his own ancestral traditions: Dene spirituals, Irish ballads, Canadian folk and rock. And he is about to inscribe a special chapter in Canadian music history.

Thursday February 15 11:00 pm         Governor’s Suite 569

Friday February 16 1:00 am         Governor’s Suite 569


Carter Felker:

Carter Felker traffics in music, yes, but even more profoundly in essence: the humdrum essence of Monday morning alarms clocks coming round again during lifetimes ticking on through thoughtless dawn moments walking across the kitchen floor; the craven essence of sneaking wordlessly away from a relationship and feeling the mute screen door sag shut behind you; the essence of everyday struggles.

Saturday February 16 1:00 am         Governor’s Suite 569


The BreakOut West room will be hosting a Margarita Mixer on Saturday, Feb 17th at noon, so please join us if you are able! Alberta Music staff member, Cecilia Schlemm, will be there, so please come and say hello.