AB songcamp

The Third Annual Songwriting Camp returns for professional songwriters in Alberta June 15-18, 2017! Alberta Music will be returning to OCL Studios, just outside of Calgary, to conduct a three-day songwriting camp. Nine acts will be selected and organized into groups of three to collaborate on two to three demo-ready songs. The camp will also provide an opportunity to network and establish permanent collaborative partnerships.

OCL Studios Western Canada’s only commercial-grade residential recording studio, and our Studio A features a Neve 88R Console. Artists come to OCL to immerse themselves in a picturesque setting while working with some of the most advanced technologies available. Built from the ground-up and managed by industry leaders, OCL is a living amalgamation of intensive sound technology, commercial design, and creature comforts. We cater to musicians hailing from all walks of life, from independent artists to prominent musicians and engineering teams.


Joni Delaurier

Delaurier’s first cut, “Pickup Truck”, co-written with husband Troy Kokol, was featured on country artist Shane Yellowbird’s freshman release, “Life Is Calling My Name”. At the 2007 Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA) Awards, the song was nominated for Single of the Year, Video of the Year and Kokol and Delaurier were nominated for SOCAN Songwriter of the Year. The song ended up being one of the top 10 Canadian country singles in 2007 and won the duo a SOCAN award for Country Music in 2008, securing their presence in the industry as songwriters.

In 2009, Delaurier had another cut with Canadian country trio The Higgins. “Second Hand Car” was a top 40 success on Canadian country radio, and in the top 10 videos on CMT Canada. Delaurier continues to write and have cuts with other Canadian artists, including CCMA Female Vocalist of the Year nominee ‘Tenille’ and Katie Love Hess. Website:

Mike Plume

I was born at a very young age in Moncton, New Brunswick in the year of the White Album (1968). I moved to Alberta in 1985. I hit the road in 1987 in my first of many cover bands, all of which suffered dreadfully due in large part to the fact that they’d hired a lead singer (me) who, by all accounts, couldn’t sing. In November 1993, I released my first album “Songs From A Northern Town”. From then until now I’ve released 11 albums. I even sang a song at Stompin’ Tom’s funeral. Along the way, I learned what makes a song tick. There is nothing I enjoy more than writing songs. I love the craft of writing songs. I love that they come out of the air. One minute, there’s nothing there. The next, you’re on to a new song. Amazing. I’m fascinated by the process.




*Open to ALL GENRES of music.
*Up to two band members (the primary songwriters) may attend if the band is selected
*Limited Shared Accommodations available, fist come first served
*Meals are provided, but bring snacks, drinks
*Transportation to and from OCL Studios is not provided

– Must be a current Alberta Music member.
– Must agree to be photographed/videotaped.
– Must be willing to sign co-writing agreements specific to each song.
– All ages.