DOWNLOAD program 2017

DOWNLOAD provides members with music industry education through Industry Information Sessions, Professional Development Workshops, Networking Events and Mixers. As the title DOWNLOAD also suggests, many of these sessions and the resources that go along with them will be available from our website to watch online.


DOWNLOAD Presents: Get Noticed! Music Media Today – A stacked panel of industry pros will discuss everything you need to have in place for online & print media, what makes the media notice new music on an indie level, how media works today, and the do’s and don’ts of seeking media attention
YEG Event Info – Feb. 28 – The Needle Vinyl Tavern
YYC Event Info – Mar. 1 – Festival Hall

DOWNLOAD Presents: Get Organized! Music Business Essentials – Understanding day-to-day business activities is essential for anyone working in music. Get an overview of accounting and income tax from the perspective of a typical band and music company.
YEG Event Info – Mar. 21 – Yellowhead Brewery
YYC Event Info – Mar. 22 – Last Best Brewery

DOWNLOAD Presents: Get Funding! A FACTOR Discussion – A FACTOR rep and successfully funded Alberta artist will answer questions specific to the Demo and Juried Sound Recording programs in time for the upcoming deadline. This workshop-style session will also give artists a chance to chat with other applicants in a group setting.
YEG Event Info – Apr. 4 – The Black Dog
YYC Event Info – Apr. 6 – Nite Owl

FACTOR One-On-Ones
YEG Event Info – Apr. 5 – Alberta Music North Office
YYC Event Info – Apr. 6 – National Music Centre


DIY Radio Campaigns – How to do a radio mailout, how to prepare your one-sheet/album for radio, how to find the appropriate DJ that plays your music, how to conduct radio promo tours, how to have a good interview, plus a review of your press and promo materials.
YEG Event Info – Feb. 23 – Alberta Music North Office – SIGNUP
YYC Event Info – Feb. 23 – National Music Centre – SIGNUP

DIY Management – Consultations on DIY management strategies, deciphering the artist-manager relationship, funding your projects, marketing your brand, building a team, career planning, copyright/royalty collection.
YEG Event Info – Mar. 2 – Alberta Music North Office
YYC Event Info – Mar. 2 – National Music Centre

DIY Business/Tax Prep – Consultations on tax preparations and best business practices for music professionals. Janis returns to help members understand how to set up your business, what paperwork is important, how to account for your inventory and being aware of important deadlines. Alberta Music has worked with Janis many times over the years and this is by far one of the most in demand sessions we provide.
YYC Event Info – Mar. 29 – National Music Centre
YEG Event Info – Mar. 30 – Alberta Music North Office

Grant Reviews – Mentors will provide tips and tools on how to make your application better! Grant application reviews are for both artists and industry and will cover what funding bodies look for and information on grants offered by Alberta Music, Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Calgary Arts Development, Edmonton Arts Council Canada Council for the Arts, and FACTOR.
YEG Event Info – Apr. 13 – Alberta Music North Office
YYC Event Info – Apr. 13 – National Music Centre

Touring & Festival Pitching – Steve Derpack, Executive Director of Arts Touring Alliance of Alberta will review your email pitch, discuss showcase and tour opportunities in Alberta, give general tour/festival booking advice, review materials you need in place, and prodivde access venue and festival directories
YEG Event Info – May 10 – Alberta Music North Office
YYC Event Info – May 11 – National Music Centre


Artists X Designers – For members who are looking to connect with web designers, graphic designers, photographers, etc, with experience in website design, poster design, album design, band photography.
YEG Event Info – Mar. 7 – El Cortez
YYC Event Info – Mar. 8 – Voltage Creative Garage

Women in Music – Featuring guest Julia Train, board member of WIM, an organization with a mission to advance the awareness, equality, diversity, heritage, opportunities, and cultural aspects of women in the musical arts through education, support, empowerment, and recognition.
YEG Event Info – Apr. 25 – Cask & Barrel
YYC Event Info – Apr. 26 – Wine-Ohs

Artists X Studios – For recording studios, producers, engineers and artists. This event will give artists a chance to ask questions that they may have about the recording process and will give local studios, producers and engineers a platform to promote their services
YEG Event Info – May. 23 – The Almanac
YYC Event Info – May. 24 – Swans of Inglewood


Honing Your Live Show – Learn how to properly sound check your band, communicate with sound techs, create a professional stage plot and input list, participate in network coaching, and learn how to work with a venue to properly book and promote a show with Scott Henderson. Venue bookers and promoters will also be encouraged to give insight on how they do things and how to create better communication between venue and band.
Grande Prairie – May 9Better Than Freds
Red Deer – May 10International Beer Haus & Stage
Lethbridge – May 11The Slice