Music Managers International Mentorship Pilot Program

Alberta Music is calling for submissions for Music Managers interested in working in the United Kingdom and the European Union. We will be working in partnership with Sound Diplomacy on a program designed to help Albertan music managers and the artists they work with develop their businesses in these dynamic markets.

Some goals of the program include:

• Training managers to understand, theorise and manage export activities in all their forms, from releasing material internationally to managing campaigns, licensing and the changing global music industry landscape.

• Teaching managers to be in control of their own affairs and marketing and be comfortable with that responsibility.

• Educating managers on new markets, new ways of manipulating copyright and new revenue opportunities in an exciting, ever-changing music industry.

• Training managers to understand what works where and why, in order to make better decisions about where they take their artists’ careers and why.

• Offer managers opportunities for network development and sustainability.

The program will run from December 2016 through the spring of 2017, culminating in travelling to the Great Escape Conference in Brighton in May 2017. Interested managers please complete this form by December 2, 2016.

Music Managers Mentorship Pilot Program Submission