PHOENIX is an intensive professional development program for owners, or senior management, working in the Canadian music industry, who want to grow their operations locally and internationally. The program is presented by Australian strategy consultant Mariel Beros and her team in collaboration with Alberta Music and Fondation Musicaction, and is supported by FACTORFondation Musicaction, and the Government of Canada.

PHOENIX is designed for time-poor, mid-career music professionals. The program aims to encourage participants to consider the development of new business models and income streams for their business; to assist them to develop their business as stable, sustainable and growing enterprises.


A blended teaching approach incorporating face-to-face and self-paced learning is used. Entry to the program is competitive and based on an applicant’s professional achievements.

The training is intensive, with a five-stage structure, and runs over a four-month period. It incorporates two workshops. The first residential workshop includes a comprehensive review of business models found in the contemporary music sector, as well as a deep analysis of each business model brought to the workshop. The second and final workshop focuses on financial modelling. All coursework and teaching materials will be in English.

Advisers and mentors are drawn from both the music industry and the business world, to give participants a range of perspectives on possibilities and ways forward. The work becomes more and more personalized for each participant as the workshops progress. Psychology sessions are incorporated to give participants tools for working more efficiently and achieving better work/life balance.

Applications are now closed. For more information visit http://musicexecdevelopment.com/

The workshops and networking mixers offered by Alberta Music have been very beneficial to my career over the years, not only by providing me with the opportunity to learn from some of the industry's best but also helping me spawn relationships with important players across the country.

~ Transit22