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Ben Motion 


French rap and afro-vibes

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Tyson Ray Borsboom 


"Canadian singer/songwriter Tyson Ray Borsboom creates intricate portraits of love and life in the modern world using little more than his trusted acoustic guitar for accompaniment. His inspired tales of loss and redemption make him a worthy successor to great northern poets like Leonard Cohen and Neil Young, and his charismatic live performances have put him on the brink of national prominence."

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We Could Be

Seth Anderson

"Seth’s musical intensity crawls up your backbone making the hairs stand on your neck while adding goose bumps on your skin. His evolution began in a small town punk scene where he grew up in Hartland, New Brunswick. It was then followed by years of a blue-collar approach to his career, putting in thousands of miles while taking his music to audiences all over the world. His highly anticipated February, 2020 release, “We Could Be.” (Snappy Little Numbers), is another impressive step forward for Seth in his exploration of songwriting, musical styles and sounds."

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Hollow Heart


"When you distill the music of Calgary-based MoFaux to its elemental components, you will find the singer, Janine Bracewell and her remarkable songs of loving and longing, of joy and sadness, of beautiful friends."

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Radium Scouts

"A collection of Short Stories Through Song, Radium Scouts Debut Album features their unique blend of Punk and Folk, Let the Scouts guide you on a musical journey through time Due North."

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Mes Amis


"A product of psych rock’s jammy spontaneity, the free-wheelin’ arrangements of jazz and electronica’s driven production, BLVD Noir is a unique outfit. The Calgary trio’s sophomore release, Mes Amis, aims to push their sound in a more daring direction, untethering themselves from their nightclub roots and into loftier territories."

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Das Probleme des Bösen

Luna Melancholia

"Luna Melancholia is a Black Metal or Dark Ambient project featuring Marcel Lecker of "Battlemoose" and Dean Mason of "Bleeding Raven" and Gnostic Gorilla". It is an experiment in dark sonic fantasy with the purpose of inviting the listener to look within and journey into a sort of electro-mysticism."

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Kevin McKenzie

"From the heart of Alberta, Canada, this artist’s work is inspired by personal life stories that everyone can associate with. From hard-driving rock songs to catchy country beats and heart-felt ballads, this multi-instrumentalist delivers a wide array of music that grabs and holds your interest."

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Little Yes, Little Know


"0Stella's debut EP, Little Yes, Little Know, was released on 1st Nov 2019. It reached #11 on CJSR FM charts in Edmonton, Alberta and #22 on CFBX FM in Kamloops, British Columbia. It was produced and recorded by JUNO-nominated, Brad Simons (Nuela Charles, Adult Contemporary Album of the Year, 2019), at his Edmonton studio, Velveteen Audio. The four-track EP features righteous rock songs amongst shimmering fiddle with lush, brooding laments."

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Ruben Young

"Dreamstate is Ruben Young's long-awaited first debut EP release, where he bring his classic soulful raspy tone to hiphop fused and soulful bounce music. With the first single off the EP, Rachel Green, featuring Hodgybeats (Odd Future), the release celebrates the songwriting and soul grabbing sounds from Ruben Young."

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I Feel Like I Just Woke Up

Emmet Michael

"An ingenious mix of intimate and explosive, tender and wild, this EP will take its listeners on a journey through the all too real feelings of love and loss. Accompanying the poetic lyrics are layered harmonies, striking guitar solos, melancholic strings and more. There's something in this album for everyone."

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Soul Speaker

Soul Speaker

"Soul Speaker is a high-energy alternative rock band based in Alberta, Canada. Combining their passion for classic rock and contemporary music, Soul Speaker has a unique sound: from high-octane rock & roll and funk, to more sensitive, folky ballads."

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Motivational Rap Musik

Dj Stagez

"Dj Stagez's passion is to motivate, inspire and empower through music. He combines folk melodies with funky contemporary R&B beats to make a blend of alternative rap music."

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Laundry Week

"Laundry Week blend alternative, post-punk and art rock sounds with unique chord progressions and strong melodic ideas, to create high-power rock songs with energy to spare. Taking influence from bands such as The Smiths, Joy Division, The Strokes and Green Day, Laundry Week uses the writing process to scrub thoughts of loss and loneliness away, and transform those ideas into a spin cycle of danceable rock beats."

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Bloodless Arches

Ways in Waves

"Bloodless Arches as a whole was conceptualized as an album that takes the listener through the paces of making it through a bad day. The album begins focused on personal experiences, zooms out toward the end of the album. Vacant Drifters is where one falls asleep, and by this point the focus has shifted on the loss of self, the obfuscation of identity, and poses the question: is identity - self - worth holding on to? Wing To Collar is the dream conjured by the experiences throughout the day, which was inspired by a recurring dream."

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Hungry Hollow

"With the release of WALK, Hungry Hollow looks to push the boundaries of Alternative Rock and increase their already dedicated following in the Canadian Music Scene."

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Kevin McKenzie

Kevin McKenzie

"From the heart of Alberta, Canada, this artist’s work is inspired by personal life stories that everyone can associate with. From hard-driving rock songs to catchy country beats and heart-felt ballads, this multi-instrumentalist delivers a wide array of music that grabs and holds your interest. Listen to him now. It’ll be worth it."

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Meant For Me

Kate Stevens

"Award-winning Calgarian Kate Stevens’ vocal talents are diverse with a mix of emotive folk and soulful pop with major influences from timeless voices such as Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, Amy Winehouse, Carole King and Joni Mitchell. Her vocals combine uniquely with the sound of her chosen instruments, the ukulele, the piano and the guitar. She creates distinctive melodies and meaningful lyrics. Kate is a community builder, collaborator and supporter for youth musicians."

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Roads, Paths and Tales

Chantal Marie and The Road Band


"Hailing from Montreal, vocalist and acoustic guitarist Chantal Marie was inspired by the great north lands of Canada having been a resident of Yellowknife , NWT for many years. The music is a culmination of styles that include Folk-Rock,Country,Pop-Rock, Classics and “musique francaise”."




Indigo Rose

"Indigo Rose is an R&B and soul inspired singer-songwriter and producer, whose style ranges from sweet and soulful to playful and mellow. Her dynamic sonic style paints a dreamy, ethereal getaway for listeners."

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Future Womb

"BABYGIRLGALACTIC is a full-length autobiographical concept album exploring sexual and relationship trauma and recovery. The name aims to capture the frustration, humiliation, and illusion of power in the choice to stay small, while immeasurable potential remains contained beneath the surface."

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Songs & Others Like Them


"Based in Calgary, Songs & Others Like Them is full of songs influenced by Jon Gomm, The Tragically Hip, Blink-182, Dan Mangan, Pink Floyd and Death Cab For Cutie."

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Modern Wisdom

Electricity For Everybody!

"Electricity for Everybody! is an Edmonton five-piece that plays guitar-based indie rock with a propulsive beat, keyboard squalls and whispers, and flashes of shimmering dissonance. ."

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Second Chances (Going Down This Road Again)

Bob Donaldson

"Second Chances (Going Down This Road Again)" is a song about realization. It is not just about lost love which is found again (which it could be) it is about getting the chance to realize what you have missed the first time."

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"Nightmares is a concept album “about the dark side of the law of attraction,” adding that the process was one of the “biggest epiphanies” of his life. While the songs featured on Nightmares challenge the purely positive narrative surrounding the law of attraction, Michael 8 emphasizes it’s not all doom and gloom either."

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"SAWBONES is a countrified, blues rockabilly, dirty roots, tire fire that burns brighter than a thousand Hank Williams hats set ablaze. A mostly original, tasty four-piece with a side of groovy, this dapper act is based out of Camrose, Alberta and is built for the dance floor. "

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Running On The Edge

Tim Isberg

"Running on the Edge is inspired by adventures both from around the world and around the human heart. The advance single Yesterday is a poignant testament to veterans: their memories, their pain, their joy, and the yearning to return to say goodbye. ."

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Salt & Honey

King Of Foxes

"King of Foxes’s sound is highly polished, using colourful lyrics and richly textured musical arrangements. Fronted by songwriter Olivia Street, the band’s creativity both honours and reinvigorates the indie-rock genre.”
- The Gateway (Feb. 2019)

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Dark Day // Good Morning

Transit 22

"A stunning departure from previous efforts, both musically and lyrically. Mature, thoughtful, sonically assured and deftly delivered — it’s a new day for Bennett and he likes what he sees and where he’s at."

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Jay Bowcott


"Bellow is a collection of acoustic recordings. Recorded over a three day period at Jay's home in Dunmore Alberta."

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Under A Dancing Sky

Kate Blechinger

"Under a Dancing Sky features innovative folk-jazz arrangements of Joni Mitchell’s compositions alongside several of Kate’s original songs which are inspired by the Canadian musical icon’s legacy. This collection of songs is a tribute not only to Joni Mitchell, who turns 75 years old this November, but also to Kate’s experiences growing up on the prairies."

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Fist And Flame

Revolution Engine

"The band's sophomore release takes its title from a lyric in the first single, "Business Suit Bonfire". Like their first release, this album delivers a high energy set of tracks featuring fat grooves, grinding riffs, and compelling verse"

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A Different Kind Of Train

Craig Moreau

"His third full length studio album continues along the Americana music path which Craig Moreau has previously embarked upon. Think of George Strait while you are listening. Several of the songs on the album were recorded “live” in studio in Lehtbridge, Alberta. Throughout the ten tracks the arrangements are rather minimal allowing his voice and lyrics to dominate. Though what stands out instrumentally is the guitar and the mournful sound it provides. Lyrically it has that life experience or realistic feel to it. You truly believe the man is singing about things he has lived through."

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Slant Six

"This Edmonton band, created in late 2015, is influenced by the roots of the blues and the love of rock and roll. The writing of their songs reflects this love for different styles of music old and new which makes the Slant Six style unique and innovative."

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Attention Defeatist

Woony Hax

"Woony Hax is a Canadian multi instrumentalist and composer of varied electronic/experimental works. Woony has never shied away from the adoption of new technologies to accomplish his creative ends. His work demonstrates a proficiency in sound manipulation matched with a penchant for intricate structure."

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Cristian De La Luna


"Sabes it’s a trip to the south, a dance that pivots on syncopated rhythms and catchy melodies. Exploring themes such as universality, love and hope, De la Luna describes his path as a new wave Canadian. Cristian brings to light the adventurer who carries the cultural richness of his country but has deepened new roots here in Canada. ."

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The Betty Alice Effect

The Betty Alice Effect


"The Betty Alice Effect is an Edmonton based band doing alternative rock or pop music in the Edmonton area and surroundings. Tayssa Hubert, Alice Hubert, Jesse Strecker and Isaac Carter love what they do and are getting more and more traction in the area and other places.."

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Distant Danger

Nuela Charles


"With her six-track Distant Danger EP, Edmonton's Nuela Charles is onto something. Nuela blends a mix of pop, soul and rock into something that's entirely its own thing. Whereas 2016 sophomore project The Grand Hustle took things big, Distant Danger offers a more mature and seasoned approach to things."

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Why Not EP

Manon Mano

"Manon Mano's EP "Why Not", released in October of 2018, expands on her experimentation with a fuller, brighter sound. The early 2019 release of her music video for “Friend Song” has received considerable traction throughout her social media profiles, and is helping propel her onto the independent Canadian music scene. Wearing her heart on her sleeve, Manon's performance is always sure to leave the listeners inner child glowing."

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Won't Wait

Jess Knights

"Recalling the raw timbre of Etta James, her crystal-clear voice radiates vintage soul. On her debut EP, Won’t Wait—due out independently on October 27—Knights flexes a sly, heart-on-her-sleeve sweetness while chronicling tales of corrupting religious boys, a friend’s battle with addiction, and finding the light of humanity from darkness. "

Play To Win


"[Tackling] the usual suspects of 80s cheese: being an outsider, heavy metal being awesome, making bad decisions, having a good time in the game of life, etc. The delivery is cheesy, crunchy, and delightful – not unlike a well-made quesadilla. A nice mixture of AnthraxCrazy Lixx, and a bit of Armoured Saint is the palette Striker works with, and little in that regard has changed on Play to Win."

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Softened Head

Twenty Centuries Of Stony Sleep

"TCOSS feels like the Second Coming of nineties indie rock. You can imagine these guys spending late nights listening to Surfer Rosa, Slanted and Enchanted, and The Lonesome Crowded West” - IMVERYAPE

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Al Muirhead's Canadian Quintet

"The album is a collection of standards that he and his quintet selected in studio, along with two tribute pieces composed by Muirhead. “A Tune For Cal” is a post-bop celebration for his late and eldest brother, a magnificent musician and one of Canada’s finest copyists. “Take It To The Bank Tom” pays homage to his life-long friend and collaborator, Tommy Banks, who passed away weeks before this recording."

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Feel My Guts

Dylan Ella

"Dylan Ella is a singer-songwriter from Edmonton. The talented 17-year-old "darling of Champ City" is no newcomer to the stage. Dylan's soulful lyrics, mesmerizing vocals and charismatic stage presence have captivated audiences of all ages. Her first full-length album, Feel My Guts perfectly captures her mature songwriting skills, with a variety of folk, punk and old-timey influences that shine through."


Lessons From Losers

"F&M’s poignant, harrowing song “Lessons From Losers” is a wondrous ode to those who opt for beauty and love, even in the face of loss and darkness." - Atwood Magazine


Jake Robertz

"Over the last decade, Jake’s sound has evolved as he blended and expanded on the genres that inspire him. His deep understanding of the cultural roots of his musical influences - drum and bass, jungle and footwork - is reflected in the respect he gives to the genre’s past even as he shapes its future sounds. As a producer, Jake’s work incorporates uplifting melodies, dynamic soundscapes and strong, progressive songwriting."

The Good Life
Hometown Stereo

"Hometown Stereo started playing together in central Alberta in 2017. Singer/songwriter cousins Mike Wiens and David Pedersen, along with childhood friend TJ Mackenzie, decided to have a go at starting a band.

Diary Of A Housewife
Andrea Nixon

"With her latest album, Andrea Nixon is opening her diary to us in song… a diary full of reflections about love, life, and making all the disparate parts of both balance.  “Diary of a Housewife” is chock full of songs that are firmly grounded in reality, and all the more delightful for it." -

Alberto | Battlemoose

"A + B = C" - is the first work by the Canadian drone and soundscape artist Battlemoose and the Italian producer and sound designer Alberto. The project is based on the free intersection between two separate compositions, A [by Alberto] and B [by Battlemoose] summed in their resultant C.
This simple equation is the only basic ground rule of their format, driving their research to a virtually infinite number of unpredetermined resultants."

Warn The Dark

"Shake off the sadness and gloom. Delve below the surface, beyond image and shallow facade, into the warm, wet heart’s blood of the matter. That’s what post-punk trio Heavydive want you to do with their new release, Warn the Dark. Generating an atmosphere of rainy rendezvous and passion-fogged car windows." - Beatroute

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait
The Spanish Flies

"Originally from Peru, Fel Gamarra moved to Edmonton in 2014 and, upon experiencing the Alberta winter, established his own sunny musical style to brighten up the dark days and frigid nights. The Spanish Flies bring a dash of latin influence and a healthy serving of punk passion to the Edmonton music scene. Good Things Come to Those Who Wait may just be a taste, but it showcases a depth of range and a bright energy."

Philae and Rosetta
Colin Lynch

"Philae and Rosetta is a gorgeous instrumental album inspired by the European Space Agency’s mission bearing the same name. Musician Colin Lynch watched in awe from 317 million miles away as the impossible became a reality. The event was overshadowed in the media by typically unimportant non-news, which sprung Lynch into action to score a tribute for the landing. "

Where The Wind Blows
Magnet And The Magnettes

"Magnet and the Magnettes have truly outdone themselves this time. As a songwriter, Evan Van Ramshorst has integrated a chilling low-fi vibe to compliment solid structure and catchy melodic lines. Through captivating lyrical composition, personal connection and delicate layering, “Where the Wind Blows” is sure to delight the
ears of many."

Here And Now
Sandro Dominelli

"The path of Dominelli’s music has been heavily infused by Latin American and Eastern cultures. A talent for intuitively feeling the rhythmic structure of the music and an interest in creating new intricate and culturally-influenced rhythms sparked a long standing career in music practice and composition."

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Laundry Week

"The Genre embracing Calgarian electronic artist/DJ John “JHNN” Arum is now bringing his message of believing in your music and community into a national state introducing a new live element to his indie/electronic feel. Drawing influence from Afrobeat inspired dance music – uk funky, afro house, – mixed with the dominated indie rock scene in Canada, JHNN sound has often put him in a response that he describes as indietronica.."

It All Stays The Same
Harold Reichstein

"It All Stays The Same is the second release from Edmonton-based Reichstein, blending his love of country, rock and blues "

Songs From A Jug
Max Uhlich

"Max Uhlich has been quietly turning heads in the city of Edmonton for a few years and his new album, Songs From A Jug, will go down as one of the best albums produced in his hometown. He plays an ominous brand of folk music highlighted by his impeccable whistling and unsettling, reverbed vocals. Uhlich's voice steals the show as he delivers pure emotion through his odd delivery that sounds like a cross between Neil Young and Colin Huebert (Siskiyou). Lyrically the songs leave themselves open to interpretation, but a disconcerting vibe permeates over every track and hints at themes of depression and inner turmoil. He ties the songs together with imagery of weather, the evening sky, and natural landscapes "


"Their debut EP consists of six creatively crafted stories set to sultry, slick pop melodies. Each song has a specific story to tell; from the passions of a married couple escaping to the ocean in “Mexico” to themes of addiction in “Catch-22”. “Water to Wine” may be about financial instability but it’s set to such a lively jazz background it’s wistful lyrics don’t seem so hopeless." -

Lost In The Right Direction
The Prairie States

"The band spent 2 years writing and woodshedding with a selection of Edmonton’s finest collaborators such as The Dungarees, The Boom Chucka Boys, and Jay Sparrow. They saw which songs stuck and which needed to hit the bricks. Now armed with a undeniable 8 tracks, The Prairie States quickly got in the studio with producer Jay Sparrow (Scenic Route To Alaska, Owls By Nature) and mixer/engineer Brad Smith (Nuela Charles, iamhill) to lay down their debut record Lost In The Right Direction. "


Kay Pink and the Medicine

"kayPink And The MEDICINE has been rocking Calgary stages with infectious, new sounds and songs since 2016. Haunting multi-part harmonies drive home creepy themes with their high energy and they’re rocking audiences ."

Head // Hands
Sam Lundell

"The record is a diverse and dynamic look at story telling, both fact and fiction, set before a backdrop of indie rock and electronic sounds. Inspired by such varied artists as Switchfoot, John Mayer , Radiohead, and Maroon 5 (to name a few)."

Tipping Velvet
Sheldon Zandboer

"The consistent theme in Sheldon’s composing for his debut album, Tipping Velvet, is to reintroduce strong melody into jazz so that the music stays with you well after it’s played. He used his own tastes and sensibilities to create music that is complicated – but doesn’t sound like it. He took inspiration from contemporary jazz greats such as Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays, while keeping in mind the melodic strength of Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Robert Glasper, and Miles Davis. Tipping Velvet is Sheldon’s version of melodic jazz that relies on being musical, with the thoughtfulness of a seasoned composer."

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Driving in the Dark
Mariel Buckley

"Driving In The Dark’s ten songs—led by the singles “Rose Coloured Frames” and “One Time Asking”—paint poetically plainspoken highs and lows, long nights and hard days, all filtered through Mariel’s wry, no-bullshit perspective, and enhanced by the impressive team she assembled for the recording sessions, led by producer Leeroy Stagger at his Rebeltone Ranch studio in Lethbridge, Alberta."


"Upsidedowntown is a group of good friends and long time musicians from Edmonton AB who play 100% Canadian Rock. 'We keep doing what we love and loving what we do always striving to reach new levels of creativity and success.'"

Grant Kennedy

"Having grown up with a healthy dose of The Eagles on the tape deck of his father's Chevy, Kennedy likewise blends strong musicianship with warm melodies and easy-listening vocals. On HOME Kennedy displays his abilities as a multi-instrumentalist playing guitar, piano, bass, ukulele, trumpet and glockenspiel. Fittingly the album was recorded within Kennedy's family HOME using the sonic advantage provided by the large spaces to capture the warm, natural acoustics of the house."

Live N Light
Rochelle Dal Collo

"Born and raised in rural Alberta, Canada. The one constant in her life is her piano. Turning to musical expression after years of darkness; creating and finding light, overcoming discrimination and negativity. She shares her expressive music; melodies from experiences. Tuning positivity, moving forward, rising above. Graduating with a honours diploma from secondary school began her love of productions. Combining visual and audio art forms from passion. From performing to producing and everything in between; for the love of creating."

Laws of Motion

Jeff Morris

"Drawing comparisons to people from Jack Johnson to Dallas Green, Morris blends unique vocals, strong lyrics, catchy melodies, and a rhythmic guitar style to create his own distinctive brand of folk grooves."

Extra Dirty

Dirt Road Angels

"Their third and latest album "Extra Dirty" features modern country rock songs such as the title track as well as two well-known cover songs "Folsom Prison Blues" and crowd favorite "Seven Bridges Road" along with six of their own originals, which also includes the heart- felt ballad "Little One" (Written by Dahlia Wakefield and Maryanne Schwartz).  Two songs on their second album "Paint The Town Red" were finalists in the 2014 International Acoustic Music Awards as well as the 2014 Calgary Folk Music Song writing contest."

I Hope You're Happy
Athabasca Barnburner

"Like a song played on your grandfathers guitar. Crafted in the Rocky Mountain of Alberta. Singing songs of the bible, the bottle and everything in between."

Last Call
Ginelle James

"Ginelle James, a singer/songwriter from Calgary, AB, has a sound all her own. From the country influences of Reba & Trisha to the soulful sound of Aretha and Adele, James’ music has been described as raw, authentic and full of emotion.James has worked with Bart McKay Studios of Saskatoon and OCL Studios of Calgary to create her debut EP."

We're Here For Each Other
I Am The Mountain

"The six songs are rooted in an earthy folk rock sound, with some added skronk and groove provided by the modest horns and a rhythm unit that balls its collective fist and punches out and up. Hell, even O’Reilly’s voice runs the gamut of smooth Buble croon to Mark Lanegan growl, meaning that I Am the Mountain have something for everyone, while being something all their own."

Manon Mano
Manon Mano

"Manon's songs have been described as, "feel-good, easy-listening and nostalgic" and an introduction to Manon's quirky thoughts in life. Combining French and English to her songwriting to add a playful twist to the album. Her stories carry messages of positivity and youthful curiosity, sure to make the inner child laugh and smile."

Rebecca Lappa

Based out of Edmonton, Rebecca and the Revelry have performed over a 100 shows together and have no intention of slowing down.

Place Holder

"This album is a collection of songs, each holding a place in my experiential past.  Like any memory, the edges get fuzzy with time and my perspective on situations can change, but I look at each song as a snapshot, a moment in time and each song brings me back to a place."

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Twenty One - Nighters
Skinny Dyck & Friends

"A discerning purveyor of hot twang and battered heart honky tonk, Skinny Dyck is equal parts revivalist and visionary. An apprentice of the pedal steel guitar and an inventive penman of song, the obvious country music influences don’t serve to demystify his talents."

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Josh Sahunta

"It has a way of caressing your soul and understanding that at times we feel lost, insecure and filled with anxiety…but there’s always a way back to home. There’s a voice, a whisper, a melody, a certain something magical and unique waiting to pull us back if we want it and truly seek it."

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This Desolate Bliss
Lindsay Walker

"So much about the world is stormy, and dark, and hard to carry with us, but Lindsey Walker uses art as way to take it on, to hold a sense of strength and power. For that, this desolate bliss. is a necessary and fearless plunge into what can be a beautiful depth."

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Magic EP

"Dreamy melodies and psychedelic summer vibes take you somewhere warm and far away. Windigo is the relentlessly lovable brain-child of Anthony Kameka (guitar & vocals), Del Coburn (bass), Tory Rosso (guitar) and Mitch Cooper (drums). Kameka's mellow yet powerful vocals and Cooper's exquisite rhythms balance expertly with Coburn and Rosso’s infectious artistry."

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When We Were Friends
Hello Moth

"Songs to evoke space clouds: soft, colourful, explosive A haunting orchestra of one."

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Cheap Gin
Winnie Brave

"Our music is inspired by the road; by the places that we’ve visited throughout Canada and the United States. The Cheap Gin album has elements of Old Time/Gospel, Funk and Soul and some dusty desert rock songs inspired by the deep southwest. The songs are co-written by Amy and Brad. Usually, Brad puts down a bass groove to set the tone, then we fill it out from there."

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Powerhouse Bloom

"Unafraid of both straight-up hooks and experimental song structure, RALEIGH is a band carving their own space in new music. Thoughtful refrains are woven by vocals, cello, and guitar, with drums and bass treading the groove together. It is indie rock, damaged by art, delicate and exposed but intimately pointed, connectivity through song."

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HypoCRT 1: .M4A

"JHNN (pronounced J-H-double-N), or John K Arum, is a producer/DJ from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Having been active in production and DJing since 2009 in his bedroom while bringing his DJing skills to clubs three years later, he’s developed a sound that can be described as “mellow dark disco”."

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A Hundred Lives
Lisa Anderson

"Lisa Anderson's second full-length release reflects the struggles and the joys of embracing all life has to offer – the dark, the blissful, and the grey in between. Lisa's realistic optimism and quirky humour weave through her lyrics to form moments of kinship with her listeners."

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Marissa K

"Marissa K’s debut EP, "Postcards" includes six entirely original songs written by Marissa K. This EP is a culmination of Marissa’s evolution as a songwriter over the last six years of her career, each piece representing a different milestone in Marissa’s musical growth."

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Lost In Your Head
The Royal Foundry

"First coming onto the Edmonton music scene in 2013 as a newly-married alternative folk duo, Jared Salte and Bethany Schumacher have completely reinvented themselves with a solid and well-defined electro-pop sound. Drawing inspiration from the latest trends as well as movements from ‘90s Brit pop and ‘70s progressive rock, Salte and Schumacher dive deep into the exploration of love and relationship on a 13-track explosion of youthful expression and experimentation."

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The New Haunts
The New Haunts

"The New Haunts are an unconventional mix of guitar riffs, ambient textures, catchy vocals, and detailed drumming. The music is honest and inventive, and attempts to connect with the listener on a thoughtful and emotional level. "

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Drifting Through the Ordinary
Brett McCrady

"Brett's EP features the award-winning talents of guitarist Russell Broom (Jann Arden, Michael Bernard Fitzgerald), keyboardist Mike Little (Serena Ryder, Brett Kissel), bassist Chris Byrne (George Canyon, Jason McCoy), drummer Lyle Molzan (Dean Brody, David Wilcox) and many more"

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Spencer Vaughn Band
Spencer Vaughn Band

"Sometimes you get into your car and sing as loud as your voice will let you... Other times at the end of a bad day you pour into your car, and you just want to sit in reverence knowing you are in the aura of something great. You let the music play to your soul. It was only natural that this precious space would breathe life into the growing call for this artist to forge ahead and find his sound."

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Junkman's Quire
Junkman's Quire

"Our new EP is now available! A big thank you to Leeroy Stagger and Ryland Moranz at The Rebeltone Ranch for all your hard work in recording this EP. We’d also like to thank Amy Arsene for the beautiful album artwork and Steven Foord for completing the album layout. It now looks and sounds as good as we hoped. We are so excited to be able to share our music with you."

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Better Than Brand-New
Martin Kerr

"Martin's much-anticipated new album, full of everything you love about his music. All pre-orders of the album count towards the Billboard charts and help launch Martin into the public eye. Warning: do not listen without tissues."

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The Raven & The Fox
The Raven & The Fox

"Like their namesakes, The Raven & The Fox offer a sound with a sly, mystical edge—what they’ve described from the beginning as “love-inspired mountain music.” The record is a haunting 10-track collection that displays Chang and Isaac’s irresistible rootsy sensibilities. The duo is poised to make an indelible first impression through the combination of Chang’s rich, dark-hued voice and songs as pure and awe-inspiring as a Rocky Mountain sunrise."

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Island Soul
Caleb Hart

"With songs ranging from 2007 to now, I have finally released my debut EP album as a solo artist. The 5 songs on #IslandSoul give a glimpse into who I was, am and am becoming as a man and musician. I’m grateful for the opportunity and hope you all enjoy it."


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Everything You Own
Steel & Timber

"Steel & Timber’s sound could be classified as alternative folk and roots. Influenced by groups like the Avett Brothers, the Strumbellas, and Josh Ritter, Steel & Timber has found a sound that is exciting, accessible, and makes people dance!"

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Dream Girl
Dylan Ella

"At the age of 15, she's is no newcomer to the stage. Whether busking at the farmer's market or performing at local pubs and house concerts, her soulful lyrics have been known to captivate audiences of all ages. Her songwriting is influenced by her unparalleled imagination, the beauty of nature and the world around her."

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Over The Moon

"'Moondancer' is the debut album from Canadian Roots-Swing duo 'Over The Moon'. Mostly written and recorded in their ranch set square in the foothills of Alberta's Rocky Mountains, the songs range from 40's western swing, Appalachian, old time country blues and contemporary Americana."

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"The Hermitess is the solo project of songwriter and harpist Jennifer Crighton, who comes by way of various other musical incarnations, including The Consonant C and Devonian Gardens. Stripping back the performance to a harp and a circle of women's voices, the Hermitess is an inquisitive, contrary, wounded, wise and ever dreaming incantation."

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Everything And Nothing At All
Celeigh Cardinal

"Celeigh Car­di­nal’s bold­ly ­named new al­bum Ev­ery­thing and Noth­ing at All is just this, a time­less summer jam of straigh­ta­head rockers, blues shuf­fles and a couple heart­break­ers on the edge of coun­try, each of which shows off Car­di­nal’s soar­ing and con­fi­dent vo­cal range, which she de­ploys with­out pre­ten­sion over a bunch of great lyrics."

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"The crash of surf and the howl of the wind through the coulees. Sun soaked and reverb drenched, this Lethbridge foursome are the spiritual sons of The Ventures and Ennio Morricone, purveyors of a hybrid style of instro that they call “coulee surf.” So go grab your board; that wheat isn’t going to shred itself."

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Where The Love Comes Easy EP
Von Bieker

"Wielding light guitars and a heavy stomping foot, Von Bieker ushers listeners into the soul’s best hideouts.Von Bieker's alternative folk reveals influences ranging from Radiohead to Glen Hansard; Bahamas to Hall and Oates; Cockburn to Cohen."

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Cope EP

"If you’re a fan of Local H, Shellac, Brand New, Refused, and Death From Above 1979, powerful rock duo Cope will strike the right chord. Consisting of Mickey Hayward on drums and Tyson Wiebe on guitars and vocals, the duo plays loud, thoughtful, noisy, and unpredictable tunes. It’s all about the power of two."

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Nature Of

"In 2010, a collaboration of friends and musicians within the Edmonton skateboard community became Nature Of."

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Dead Men Can't Cat Call
The Shivarettes

"Feminist Calgary punks the Shiverettes are not exactly ones to mince words. The nine-song LP will feature a balance of politically charged material and more personal tracks following, as the band puts it, "your classic heartaches and breakups."

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Hungry Hollow

"Influenced by great artists such as The Foo Fighters, Oasis, The Tragically Hip and Sloan, their live set not only plays off the tones of 90’s inspired rock, but truly adds warmth and belonging to any room. With this release, Hungry Hollow looks to push the boundaries of Alternative Rock."

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From This Side
Johanna Sillanpaa

"Johanna has been described as "a bluesy Erykah Badu with a marvellous voice that begins in the smoky lows of Norah Jones and effortlessly climbs into the powerful, confident ranges of Lisa Stansfield"."

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Moment In Time
Kyler Schogen

"Kyler Schogen's guitar-based, feel-good music, consists of catchy, bluesy, melodic rock. Their dynamic live shows are all about flowing grooves and heartfelt deliveries. Starting in 1996 and covering ground from Whitehorse to the Mexican border, they’ve played over 3000 shows "

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Into The Glow
Locomotive Ghost

"Locomotive Ghost’s fourth full-length album was was recorded with award-winning producers Russell Broom and Spencer Cheyne and was largely supported by a successful crowdfunding campaign in 2016. The album is the band members' most collaborative work yet, and it demonstrates the group's commitment to honest and raw expression with a relatable, pop approach."

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SuperCircuitMan and other retro relix
Ross Campbell with The FatBand

"Ross Campbell with The FatBand is a band with a rather unique approach to their blend of funk, rock and alternative music. Their recent studio effort is a full-length album titled “SuperCircuitMan and other retro relix”. Their music is really hard to predict and categorize within a single music genre."

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Follow My Heart
Harold Reichstein

"Harold is currently enjoying a renaissance of sorts as the great songs he grew up listening to in small town Alberta seem to be more popular than ever. You can hear those country, rock and blues influences in his original works. His debut CD “Follow My Heart” has flavors from all these influences "

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Passing Through Time
Wilfred N & the Grown Men


"I was lucky to be a teen during a very musically fertile time – when the Beach Boys, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and tonnes of other greats were creating fresh music for my fresh ears. To this day, I like it when an artist has his own sound but doesn't sound 'all the same'...and this is what I try to do."

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The Trestle
Jake Ian

"A ragged combo of folk, country and blues that will touch even the toughest of souls."

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The Music Of Eric Clapton
Marc Beaudin

"An instrumental tribute to the great musical guitarist and musical visionary, Eric Clapton."

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The Flight
Cindy Paul

"Cindy is deeply connected to her Indigenous roots and it shines through in every breath and beat. She truly believes in educating and healing through art and music and her compositions echo the sentiment to never soften your conviction to make others socially comfortable. With her distinct lyrical metaphors of love bitten with honesty, her passion for sharing her northern stories and her unique neo-folk style sound, Cindy Paul has taken flight into airwaves world wide."

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Miss Scarlett and the Madmen
Danielle French

"With one foot in the shadow and one foot in the light Danielle exposes the dark corners of the psyche and brings these dark elements into the light. Delicious, darkly romantic Music. Intoxicating... Enchanting... Mesmerizing... Spell-Binding!"

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In a Box
Abruzzi Spur

"Pulling influences from math rock, electronic music and art rock, we create moody, intricate music exploring themes beyond the usual pop landscape."

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Slave in a Stone
Hello Moth

"With "Slave in a Stone," Hello Moth expands upon the extremes of his sound. From alt-pop anthems to dark cinematic monoliths, tribal punk techno to dollhouse rap ballads, the album displays an eclectic range of songwriting and production styles. Duality abounds both sonically and textually as organic sounds hold hands with glitchy electronics, and a subtle thematic undercurrent of religion and violence swirls throughout the work."

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Reckless Heart
Rebecca Lappa

"With a haunting voice and elegant lyrics she delivers a musical renaissance inspired by history, poetry and life events spun with romance, fantasy and intelligent wit. In short, Rebecca is resurrecting the art of the 'Folktale' and making it accessible and hip again!"

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When We Were Friends
Nancy Laberge

"With its skilful blend of infectious folk-pop and incisive lyrics, Nancy Laberge’s new album When We Were Friends firmly establishes an important new voice in Canadian music. Many Albertans are already familiar with the Calgary-based singer/songwriter through her past efforts, as well as through being a fixture on the provincial scene. But with this second solo outing, Laberge has made a dramatic leap forward both in her own songwriting style and production approach."

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"A “palimpsest” is a manuscript in which traces of the original can still be found – FOONYAP’s latest album is a raw and unguarded reflection of her tumultuous journey to self-discovery through her painful past. A hauntingly beautiful blend of folk and electronic that incorporates her Chinese heritage, each song captures various components of her past and present realities, be it through dark soundscapes that mirror anxious longing, or powerful electronic rifts that reflect painful life transitions."

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Where The Air is Thin EP
Von Bieker

"Where The Air is Thin", Von Bieker's first EP, is a product of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Repeat visits have infected Von Bieker with a certain kind of magic that surges through this EP and it's forthcoming counterpart, "Where The Love Comes Easy" (Spring 2017)."

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Stranger EP
Miesha & The Spanks

"“Motorin’” and “Stranger” are the first recordings released in collaboration with Paul Rawson and Danny Farrant (The Buzzcocks) in the producers’ chair. Their input and influence shaped the consistent gritty rock sounds of Miesha & The Spanks with nods to 50s girl group romanticism and tonality shifts in the vein of Queens of The Stone Age."

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Montes et Mare
Hewson Grey

"Hewson Grey's got this super-cool vibe, a complex mesh of indie, alternative, bluesy rock, and ambient psych."

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True Blue
Jesse & The Dandelions

"True Blue is a thoughtful, evocative album that grows in appreciation on successive spins. In the simplest terms, it’s a dreamy pop record that ventures into the realm of the psychedelic.
Highlighted by compelling, layered instrumentation, coded ethereal lyrics and the occasional jangly guitar—True Blue leaves a lingering effect that is challenging and satisfying. Elegant harmonies drift throughout the record, summoning memories of late Beatles records crossed with early ’90s college-radio lyrics."

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The Last We Heard of Him
Our Good Wolf

"A good mix between folk and rock is always welcome, but Edmonton’s Our Good Wolf has taken this formula to a new level. The 10 songs on this new album have a rich roots foundation but distinctive and incredibly executed classic and contemporary rock elements."

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Karac Hendriks
Karac Hendriks

"The Association of Country Music in Alberta (ACMA) nominated Karac Hendriks’ self-titled debut album for 2016 Album of the Year. The album was co-produced with Scott Greene (guitarist for the Derina Harvey Band and Van Halst) and recorded at Powersound Studios in Edmonton, Alberta. It features outstanding performances from musicians Travis Switzer (bassist for Dallas Smith, Deric Ruttan), Curtis Ebner (bassist for Dan Davidson, Hey Romeo), Brad Tebble (drummer for Jeff Stuart and the Hearts), Ed Smith (bassist for the Derina Harvey Band), Chris Tabbert (guitarist for the Cadillac Junkies), and Matt Grier (member of Pluck n' Holler)."

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Good Nature

"Their music encompasses a wide variety of musical genres- it is the perfect blend of pop, rock and funk. Their songs are full of hooks and grooves that make their music an absolute delight to listen to - a colourful mix of upbeat, incredibly catchy tunes."

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The Journey
Sophie Serafino

"Worldbeat meets classical violin: violinist Sophie Serafino fuses exotic, melodic and rhythmic sounds. With a performance style that has been described as passionate, fearless and intriguing, violinist Sophie Serafino shares her story through music, inspiring audiences to feel."

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"Upsidedowntown plays a unique brand of Canadian Rock, having shared band influences such as Sloan, Big Wreck, Big Sugar, Tragically Hip, Neil Young and Nirvana. As musicians, band members cite Jimmy Page, Dean deLeo, Jon Bonham, Dave Grohl, Mike Dirnt and Geezer Butler as defining their individual sound."

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Quietly There
Cheryl Fisher

"For her sixth CD, Canadian vocalist Cheryl Fisher has recorded an album unique in both its repertoire and her approach. Purposefully chosen to be on the quieter side, Fisher puts a personal stamp on these beautiful, rarely heard songs, applying her musicianship and gift for vocal interpretation in celebration of love, or the mourning of love lost."

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Golden Armour
King of Foxes

"King of Foxes' Golden Armour shines as brightly as its title suggests. The Edmonton band's debut LP has a tough outer shell that glistens with a delicious combination of slick pop hooks and leader Olivia Street's captivating vocals... If Golden Armour is any indication, the future looks bright for King of Foxes."

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Venture a Guess
Trevor Howlett

"Trevor Howlett is a singer-songwriter from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. His music is a tapestry of folk, pop, and alternative carefully woven with personal, memorable lyrics."

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