This online concert series showcases Alberta music members in an intimate and stripped-down setting. The series is professionally filmed & recorded at Naked Cafe in Alberta Music's office building, located in downtown Edmonton. This project supports a variety of genres and a wide range of experience, from emerging talent to artists already starting to develop a market internationally.

The 2014 Livestock Online series intimately captures twelve diverse performances from noteworthy Albertan artists:

Episode 11: Billie Zizi | A/B Trio (Friday November 28th, 2014) 

Episode 12: Nuela Charles | Sykamore (Friday December 26th, 2014) 

Livestock Online | Episode 12 - Sykamore + Nuela Charles

Release Date: Friday, December 26 , 2014

SYKAMORE (CALGARY) Noted for her superior writing skill and raw performance style, Sykamore has been creating music since 2012, releasing her debut album PETAL last summer - performing and sharing bills with Canadian music heavyweights such as Lindi Ortega and Adam Cohen. More recently, she's received first prize in the ATB Financial All-Albertan Songwriting contest, with her original song, "Heaven In the Pines." Sykamore's time is divided between Nashville and Calgary, Alberta - she is currently working on her second studio album set to release in 2015. 

NUELA CHARLES (EDMONTON) Edmonton’s soul-pop siren is slowly but steadily taking over the hearts of fans across Canada and around the world. She’ll get you good with her soaring vocals, her atmospheric electronics and future-retro vibe — an intoxicating blend which lets her play to indie-rock hipsters in small bars, families at Canada Day celebrations, and older soul/jazz lovers in theatres. 

Livestock Online | Episode 11 - Billie Zizi + A/B Trio

Release Date: Friday, November 28th , 2014

A/B TRIO (EDMONTON)  Based out of Edmonton, the AB Trio brings together three of Alberta’s most in-demand performing and recording musicians—Thom Bennett, Dan Davis, and Josh McHan. Inspired by the open sounding, chordless groups of Sonny Rollins, Joshua Redman, Gerry Mulligan/Chet Baker and Joe Lovano’s collaboration with Dave Holland and Elvin Jones. Their material ranges from inventive re-interpretations of standards to modern, original repertoire and high energy groove-based music. 

BILLIE ZIZI (EDMONTON) Conjoining jazz influenced vocal lines with folk lyrics she is “A nuclear fission of calculated folk and meandering jazz sensibilities”. With a honed in trickling jazz folk not unlike early Feist, Billie Zizi has carved a little cubby to tuck away the simple truths.

& admissions.

Livestock Online | Episode 10 - Eve Hell & the Razors + Seth Anderson

Release Date: Friday, October 31st , 2014

EVE HELL & THE RAZORS (CALGARY) A Retro-rock 3 piece rooted in Rockabilly that branches out to other American roots genres, as well as punk, and bit of torch. Even though Mike (guitars) and Eve (bass) had been playing together in various projects since 1994, Eve Hell and the Razors officially started August 10th, 2007.

SETH ANDERSON (CANMORE) “The Renegade Kid will make you want to ditch that salary and fancy sports car, and live the life you’ve dreamed of since you were old enough to defy your parents”. 

Livestock Online | Episode 9 - 100 Mile House + Karla Adolphe

Release Date: Friday, September 26th , 2014

100 MILE HOUSE (EDMONTON) Edmonton-based husband and wife duo Peter Stone and Denise MacKay, plus multi-instrumentalist Scott Zubot, have shared their unique brand of original transatlantic folk at shows and festivals near and far. Their beautiful harmonies, rich arrangements and captivating lyrics make their sound truly distinctive. The new release, Wait With Me, is their third full-length album, packed with the lyrically driven roots tunes that gained this band a devoted following in the Canadian music scene and beyond. 

KARLA ADOLPHE (HIGH RIVER) Karla's music is a tent revival in your heart, head and soul. Her folky guitar supports a HUGE voice and her pop hooks transition straight into old-timey gospel shouts. Be prepared for a moving personal experience.  With a voice that straddles a delicate balance between strength and vulnerability, Karla treads treacherous topics with ease.

Livestock Online | Episode 8 - Scenic Route to Alaska + Tasman Jude

Release Date: Friday, August 29th , 2014

SCENIC ROUTE TO ALASKA (EDMONTON) Scenic Route to Alaska is proving that less is more. The band's distinct, heartfelt, and catchy indie-folk-rock is as tight as their unshakable friendship. Having grown up together, Shea Connor (drummer), and Murray Wood (bassist), intuitively know what Trevor Mann (guitar and vocals) is writing about.

TASMAN JUDE (GRANDE PRAIRIE) Caleb "Bravehart" Hart & Al Peterson started Tasman Jude almost by accident. Deciding on a whim to play an open mic one cold January night, they hastily scrawled out a couple hooks and jumped on stage ready to improvise the details. However, three songs and a massive audience response later, they know something had been born. 

Livestock Online | Episode 7 - The Provincial Archive + Jung People

Release Date: Friday, August 1st , 2014

The Provincial Archive (EDMONTON) - The Provincial Archive has been honing their craft in dark northern Canadian winters over the last five years. In this time they have independently released two recordings, toured the country and travelled the world at the beckoning of their talent. While The Provincial Archive would not deny influence from indie-folk and pop icons, the band's development shows an evergreen dedication to their art. 

JUNG PEOPLE (CALGARY) -  Jung People is a post-rock group from Calgary, AB. Known for their dynamic blend of drowsy ambience, complex timings and fulminant guitar. Founded in 2010 by childhood friends Bryan Buss and Jordan Bassi after many punk-rock and metal bands. 

Livestock Online | Episode 6- Lucky Sonne + JJ Shiplett

Release Date: Friday, June 27th , 2014

LUCKY SONNE (CALGARY) On record or on stage, the inimitable Lucky Sonne sound is howly, growly, gritty, and gut-wrenchingly beautiful. Northern alternative folk music for the masses, songs for folks of all races and classes; the not so plain poetry and meandering melodies of singer/guitarist Luke Colborne.

JJ SHIPLETT (CALGARY) A perpetual songwriter and dedicated player whose passion for quality and sincere songs is only matched by his desire to get people dancing. It's CCR to Ryan Adams to Bruce Springsteen. It's JJ Shiplett.

Filmed at the Naked Cafe in Edmonton Alberta. Produced and Recorded by Jesse Northey and Alberta Music

Thanks to Bob at Naked Cafe, Kirby at Ramparts Entertainment, and Keshia Bundred.

Livestock Online | Episode 5- PORT JUVEE + Unwed Mothers

Release Date: Friday, May 30th , 2014

PORT JUVEE | Although Calgary upstarts PORT JUVEE (formerly BLEACHERS) embody a style that's equally indebted between California and NYC, the Canadian Prairies is where they decide to call home. The 5-piece run a sound that seamlessly combines bright guitar leads, baritone style vocals and a pounding rhythm section.

UNWED MOTHERS | A young, up and coming blues/indie-rock project from Edmonton, AB. Julie Adams fronts the band with her raspy power-house vocals, constantly surprising audiences with the level of sound that can emerge from such a tiny body, and the band commands the stage with catchy riffs and airtight playing.

Filmed at the Naked Cafe in Edmonton Alberta

Produced and Recorded by Jesse Northey and Alberta Music

Thanks to Bob at Naked Cafe and Kirby at Ramparts Entertainment

Livestock Online | Episode 4- Transit + Go For The Eyes

Release Date: Friday, April 25th , 2014


TRANSIT is a hip-hop artist who moved to Calgary from Victoria in 2007. He has gained notable buzz from media outlets such as Much Music, Maclean's Magazine, Q with Jian Ghomeshi and many more. His new album "Stale" was released January of 2013 and climbed all the way to the #4 spot on the iTunes Canadian hip-hop charts on it's opening day of release.

Transit has just released his fourth studio album "Superman Took Steroids" available on iTunes!

GO FOR THE EYES with their infectious stage energy, heavy hooks, and dexterity to crowd-please, Go For The Eyes is notorious for transcending the room into a mini rock festival. As one of Alberta's most notable live acts, they are continuously proving that they'll keep heads bobbing and toes moving across the nation for a long time.

Filmed at the Naked Cafe in Edmonton Alberta

Produced and Recorded by Jesse Northey and Alberta Music

Thanks to Bob at Naked Cafe and Kirby at Ramparts Entertainment

Livestock Online | Episode 3- Hello Moth + Mark Mills

Release Date: Friday, March 28th , 2014

HELLO MOTH brings a mesmerizing presence to the stage, combining pop sensibilities with unearthly sounds and intriguing musicality to create songs that surprise and charm listeners. Warm, passionate vocals contrast with the cold, digital tones of a Casio VL-1 synthesizer to form a sound that is at once soulful and soulless.

MARK MILLS: CALGARY | Combining analog electro dance beats, fused with sex pop flare, Mark Mills lets loose of every inhibition and limited belief ever conjured on him... Lets Dance!

Filmed at the Naked Cafe in Edmonton Alberta

Produced and Recorded by Jesse Northey and Alberta Music

Thanks to Bob at Naked Cafe and Kirby at Ramparts Entertainment

Twitter: @Alberta_Music | #LIVESTOCKONLINE

Livestock Online | Episode 2- Fools Tongue + Bardic Form

Released Friday February 28, 2014

EPISODE 2 features local Edmontonian's FOOLS TONGUE and BARDIC FORM, bringing a unique blend of Alternative-World, Folk and Rock to the series.

BARDIC FORM | Reece and Justin both grew up in central Alberta, but for Bardic Form, inspiration came from overseas. The music that they identify strongly with is the timeless and the traditional, with a heavy focus on instrumental expression to carry emotion and melody. 

FOOLS TONGUE sits somewhere between World, Pop, and Alternative in terms of musical style. Jeff Ramsey covers the Bowed Guitar as well as vocals, Luke Ertman plays Chapman Stick and also sings. They are inspired by world percussion and thick vocal harmonies. It's these influences along with their pop sensibilities that has created the unique and familiar sounds in their newest album New World, released February 2014.

Livestock Online | Episode 1- Joe Nolan

Released Friday January 31, 2014

Episode 1 features Joe Nolan, who makes his Six Shooter Records debut with his latest album Tornado, just released January 28th.

Joe Nolan played his very first open mic night at Naked Cafe on Jasper Avenue when he was fifteen years old.  Fast-forward seven years later and he's back at the re-located Naked Cafe, this time in the Western Supplies Building and equipped with about a million more songs. He played an intimate and cozy set on a sunny Friday afternoon (January 17), a few songs solo and a few as a trio (Nich Davies on drums, Nigel Gale on bass). He's since flown to Toronto for his CD release and some opening gigs with Whitehorse, February 6th-15th. We will catch up with him at his Alberta CD release!