Introducing ZENON+: Soulful R&B peppered with Jazz!
ZENON+ is an electrifying duo known for their extraordinary vibe and wow factor. ZENON’s sultry tones of jazz and powerhouse vocals united with BEV’s rhythmic beat keeping create a sonic landscape entirely their own.

An impressive 120+ live shows including 28 festivals over the past 2 years, they opened for Alex Cuba at Road to the Juno’s and shared the stage with Mattmac in 2023. So far this year they’ve double headlined with Amy Bishop and Theo Tams and released “Falling (Into You)”, a sexy Soul/Pop song; it’s risqué with seductive French lyrics.

ZENON+ live shows pull you in with sounds from Whiters & Wonder to Winehouse and their originals move you with lyrics that are a reflection of the spectrum of human experiences, including their own. Get in touch at www.zenonepp.com/contact


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  R&B/soul