Von Bieker


Von Bieker plays indie folk that haunts your heart with small stories and big questions. Mostly.

His songs juxtapose hope with despair. Love with fear. Faith with doubt. Gentle folk crooning with a raw and honest howl. His thoughful lyrics and emotive live performance have landed him on stages with the likes of Anna Tivel, Jon Bryant, Joshua Hyslop and Jordan Klassen.

In Von Bieker’s soundscape, the earnest retro charm of a bowtie meets the world-worn grit of rock and roll. Vintage guitar twang channels resonant writing through a voice often pushed until it cracks into free-fall falsetto. Von Bieker draws on influences ranging from Bahamas to Bruce Cockburn; Glen Hansard to Radiohead to Talking Heads.

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Von Bieker frequently plays solo and with his 3 piece band, Von Bieker and his Small-Tones


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Folk