Twenty Centuries of Stony Sleep


Twenty Centuries of Stony Sleep’s (TCOSS) newest album, ‘Winter’ featured in The YYSCENE’s “Sounds of Calgary: Best local albums we heard in 2022”,

“You want music you can’t glue a label on? Music that goes wherever it wants, when it wants, and if you come along, great? If you don’t, so what? This music is going over there, then up on that mountain and then, for kicks, to the bottom of the river a few hundred miles away. Listening to these songs is like running one of those claw cranes; you put your money in and never know what’s coming out from under all those other shiny toys; but whatever it is, it’s sure to delight.” – Mary-Lynn Wardle

Currently, this 6-piece orchestra of noise is writing new material for another new album.

Signed publishing deal in 2022
Live session with CKXU for their award-winning radio show “For the Record.”


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Indie