The Sweets


The Sweets started out as little embryos in a mutant wild flower, deep in the swampy sludges of an enchanted forest. In this mystical and indulgent world, they were raised by wild animals and made songs for the moon.

With their inception in 2014, The Sweets have already established a steady presence and sonority of their own: Dirty blues and pop-infused indie rock. A unique blend that draws from different eras and contrasting musical realms, obscuring the lines between rock and pop.

When they bring their show to the stage, you’re lured in by sounds conceived from dreams of wild things. But it’s their captivating stage presence that steals your heart. Their live show is infectious; a frenzied and feverish call to the animals in the forest. With songs haunting to heartfelt you’ll hear stories brought back to you from the otherworlds of imagination.

Over the course of their career, they have shared the stage with bands such as The Pack A.D., The Royal Foundry, and Lauren Mann, and are a familiar sight on many of Calgary’s local stages and festivals. Their sweaty, high-energy show has attracted a loyal following that continues to expand.

The Sweets are currently at work on their debut EP, eyeing a fall 2016 release. Until then, make sure to catch them perform their fearless ceremony to the spirits of the night.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Rock