The Gateway


The Gateway in Calgary, Alberta is a 500-1000 capacity venue owned and operated by the non-profit Saitsa (SAIT Student’s Association). A restaurant during the day, our team works vigilantly to transform the space into a live music hub at night. The Gateway is focused on supporting touring acts from around the world (Canada, USA, UK, Australia, etc.) while lining those events with local and Western Canadian support acts. Unique to a venue of this size most concerts/events are self-booked, promoted and supported by our in-house promotions, marketing, production and hospitality team. Due to the nature of the venue, The Gateway has become a primary hub of touring acts looking to break into the Calgary, Western Canadian scene, continually supporting acts as they continue to grow and succeed throughout their career. The venue regularly hosts local artists for CD releases, local musical events, and Western/Canadian artists that continuously return to The Gateway on tour.


industry role:  Venue
genre:  N/A