Tanner Gordon is a Singer/Songwriter from Edmonton, AB.

Tanner is bringing it all back to where it started. The new album features Tanner’s signature melancholy lyrics and brooding acoustic undertones. At the same time “Start Again” pushes Tanner to new depths vocally, lyrically, musically and stylistically. Pushing new boundaries and challenging the listener to think of their own memories and how time shapes who we are.

Since his debut album in 2008 , Tanner has gone on to perform over 250 shows across Canada. Tanner has been the frontman of “The Unfortunates” since 2009, releasing 4 albums, completed a National Tour, named Sonic Band of the Month and in 2020 winning “W.A.M Album Of The Year” and in 2022 his song “Start Again” was named to the “World National Indie Radio’s Best Songs of the Year”


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Singer/Songwriter



EMAIL:  tannergordonmusic@gmail.com