Stephanie Bakker-Hopf, Straight Arrow Consulting


Artist Rep, Project Manager, Creative Consultant and Former Radio Personality, living and dreaming in stunning Southern Alberta.

Stephanie brings a fresh, unique perspective to every client she works with. She has a big heart for small business and independent artists. Her dedication and appreciation for the people behind them is apparent as she gets to the heart of their brand. She is a girl who likes to get stuff done, identify the goal, break it down and figure out how to get there. She is a detail oriented, big picture planner who loves a good latte.

When Stephanie isn’t listening to music, enjoying live shows or working on projects for clients she is spending time with her twin daughters…and they are probably listening to music. She is the girl who finds a song reference in everything.


industry role:  Artist Manager
genre:  Country



PHONE:  4036015006