Steve Pointmeier


Living most of his life in Calgary, Alberta, loving all things country, this Sarnia born Singer/Songwriter has utilized music as his anchor to weather the many storms of life.
Since he got his first Kenny Rogers LP when he was 7, He’s been hooked on Country Music.
You’ll hear it when he sings and you’ll see it in his eyes when you look and see a man who no longer takes life for granted. Steven sings with a depth and conviction that comes with taking the road less travelled. His passion for music has always been his compass for living. Since picking up the Guitar at 25 years old,
Steve’s song writing speaks to universal truths and heart felt emotions of every day Canadian life. His retro cool urban cowboy vibe is a true gem in today’s ever-changing world. As a modern day troubadour, Steve has perfected an authentic country sound that draws you in and connects to his music in an unforgettable, raw, pure country way! It’s said that real talent is a calling not a choice; Steven Pointmeier is the real deal when it comes to male country vocalists.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Country