Canadian singer, songwriter, recording artist, producer, actor, vocal Coach, visual artist and humanitarian Sherry Kennedy is an internationally acclaimed artist, who has been entertaining audiences for most of her life. She has a Discography of over 11 albums which have garnered a great deal of air play and recognition in the UK, Europe, NZ, Australia, Japan and the US.
Kennedy is also a sought after vocal clinician. She is a firm believer that music is a healing art form. Sherry emphasizes that you do not have to have professional aspirations to learn and enjoy singing. (Thus the creation of her Foundation – The Healing Art of Music)

As a visual artist, Sherry would like you to know, “All of the paintings that I do are inspired by many different genres of music. The music declares the colours and the movement of the piece. I let the music paint!”


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Singer/Songwriter