Robin Cisek



Robin is a a 20 year old Metis, pop-alternative vocalist, passionate songwriter and performer.
Robin was diagnosed with Throrasic Outlet Syndrome at a young age and was unable to continue to play sports, after major surgery Robin took a leap of faith and joined a music school program and there she found her true voice and passion and has submerged herself in her music.

Robin may have a couple scars but they have allowed her to grow and express herself through her music she lives by her “live every day doing something you’re passionate about” motto.
Robin never takes anything for granted and is thankful every day for the beautiful things that pushed her harder to recover. She dreams of the day when her passions will become her career and works harder each day to get there.

Robin has very strong dramatic vocals with her originals are expressive with great melodies and strong instrumentals.

Robin has performed all over Alberta both as a soloist, she has competed and won many vocal competitions in several genres. Though Robin can sing the phone book her heart is drawn to pop-alternative style and her full band performs in that style as well.

Robin can accommodate any venue or event with her solo performances as well as her full band.

Presently Robin is promoting her very successfully released originals that she recorded in New York with multi-Grammy award winning producers.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Pop



PHONE:  780-691-5712