Regroupement artistique francophone de l’Alberta


RAFA is the fearless champion of the French-language arts sector in Alberta. The organization is a vital link in the province and nation wide networks of organizations and a leading resource for anyone seeking to connect with the arts in Alberta. Its fierce vitality makes RAFA a partner of choice for the arts community, counterpart organizations and the private sector. Its advice feeds into and informs government decisions. It is recognized for its skills, integrity and professionalism.
Art is at the heart of RAFA’s approach. The organization’s services and activities are remarkably bold. Its programming changes regularly, its policies and management systems are continually updated, and it innovates to exceed the expectations of the arts community
at all times.Artists and arts organizations in Alberta are leaders in their respective disciplines.
RAFA works to ensure that the merit and contributions of the arts community are fully
recognized by their peers and by the public, supported by government, and valued by society. RAFA is meant to reflect the image of the arts community, and thus works carefully to deliver up-scale services and structured and impactful activities.RAFA is a springboard for the development
of the French-speaking arts community in Alberta. It is an inclusive, unifying organization that relies on collaboration so that artists, arts organizations and cultural workers in Alberta may progress, excel and reach new heights throughout their careers.


industry role:  Music Industry Org
genre:  N/A



PHONE:  780-462-05-02