Ollee Owens


The lyrical themes distinctive to Ollee’s music provide a rich and meaningful experience for the earnest listener. Her demeanour, being curiously accessible, beckons one to join in feeling as deeply as she does in the moments shared together. Ollee’s performances embody all the warmth of Mavis and the intensity of Etta within her five-foot frame – creating an invigorating and impactful musical experience.

Ollee got her first break into the local music scene at the Blues Can in 2015 when Calgary’s blues legend Bill Dowey heard her on stage at his “Blues Sunday School” jam. He became one of her biggest supporters, and his encouragement bolstered her decision to pursue music more seriously after taking a 15 year hiatus to focus on raising her three daughters (one of whom has a disability). Since then, Ollee has performed on many local stages including the Blues Can, Ironwood, Gravity, Stephen Ave Live, Inglewood Night Market, The Badlands Amphitheatre and countless backyard private events.

Ollee is currently working on a new project in collaboration with Calgary and Nashville industry partners – with a new Blues/Rock/Roots album due to be released in late 2022.


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Singer/Songwriter