Mouraine’s story is nothing short of remarkable; the artist immigrated to Canada from Northern Sudan with his Mother and siblings after they were forced to seek asylum. After finding refuge in Edmonton Canada, Mouraine began exploring the intersection between skateboarding, soccer and hip-hop culture as a way of establishing a community. Motivated by his uniquely personal life experiences, a raw and innate musical ability, and an undeniable instinct to connect with others; Mouraine’s energy is endlessly entertaining. His debut release, Cold Mornings 2 led to Mouraine supporting notable artists like J. Cole, Akon, Pusha T, Mac Miller, T-Pain, Big Sean and Tyga.

From building an international hip-hop legacy, to raising up the next generation of dreamers, creators, policy makers, and entertainers; Mouraine is determined to inspire a revolution with his His debut EP Bigger Dreams (2021) featuring the first two singles – Badmon and Do Dat Dance out now!


industry role:  Artist/Band
genre:  Hip Hop/Rap